The Painful Lust



3. The rest of the day…

Harry's POV 


i ran up to The guys room and jumped on their beds. The jumped up and groaned, "What?" "Plan B. I give up! I need your help. I love her so much. But she…She got scared. In the middle of our kiss…Please…" I cried. Lou and Liam came over. "Of course buddy…And Zayn…Ran out of the room…" Liam said. They helped me up of the floor. They picked out an outfit for me to wear so I would look like less of a bad boy. I went with it. I love her. Ill do anything to make her mine.


Sams POV


I ran away from Harry and into the girls room. I woke them up by lightly pushing them in the shoulder. "I need to look appealing to Harry. Turn me into a bad girl." The girls nodded and they put me in skinny jeans, a dark orange top, leather ankle boots, and a denim jacket. Then they did my hair and makeup and then got ready for the day. I walked out into the hallway to see Lou. "Uh-oh" he said. "What?" I snapped. "Harry's trying to look like a good guy and your trying to look like a bad girl." My eyes widened but I quickly made that go away. "Whatever…" I snapped and walked downstairs.


Louis's POV 


i ran into my room.  I grabbed Harry and pulled him downstairs. Sam was texting. He smirked. I slapped him upside the head and dragged him up to our room. "New plan. Stay like you and fix her!" I screamed and gave him his skinny jeans. He wasn't wearing a shirt of course. He put on his skinny jeans. His grey-brown tee, and his converse. He walked right out and downstairs. Oh no…

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