The Painful Lust



4. Changing

Harry's POV 


i walked right out of the 1D room and downstairs. Sam was playing with her gum. I finally got a real look at her. I knew her. She wants to be like…me. Weird. I got worried as she rolled her eyes at me and continued to chew her gum and text. I wanted to cry. "Sam?!?! What the hell has gotten into you?" She rolled her eyes and tried to walk out. I put my arm out and pulled her right back to me. "I don't like this you…It's…" "Scary but attractive? Confusing right? That's exactly how I feel about you…" she walked off. My heart sank even deeper. I was still standing there thinking things over when Sam came back down in an orange and yellow tutu dress. She also had orange sandals that went half way to your knee laced like a ballerinas shoes. Her hair was back to straight and not all permed and her makeup was light. Not dark. By heart flew back up. I smiled and whispered, "better…" "I hate skinny jeans. It gave me a wedgie." She said looking at me. I chuckled and walked over to her. "I like this you…MUCH better" I put my arms out and she embraced me. I hugged her back. 

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