They dont know us

Hello I'm Jordan. My friends call me Hoe we all have names like that. Mine happens to be hoe because I'm 17 and I can dance like booty pop, and move my hips and my friends cant. I once had a job as a stripper becuase my mom lost her job and she has 5 kids. I didnt it to help my mom out. but this caused me to get bullied. Then I ment LA Reid. He helped me get out my first ablum and I'm acutlly about to start a tour. The only thing that is getting in my way is a boy....... Named Justin Drew Bieber.. People think of us as to young to be in love but they are wrong.


5. plan

Jordans P.O.V.

   I was at home sitting on my bed. All I could think about was Justin. I wannte to be with him. I cant believe Scooter isnt letting us even hang out. Like who says he can tell us what to do. If I want to hang out with Justin thats my bussiness. My phone went off. It was a call from Za.

Me- Hello

Za- Hey I'm calling you so if Scooter see it he wont get mad but Justin and I came up with the perfect plan.

Me- Okay what?

Za- You go on a date with someone and he will well a fake date. Then Scooter wont get the idea you guys are seeing eachother then you guys can hang out late at night when Paps are hardly out.

Me- Ohh thats perfect. I will do.

Za- Okay Justin says he misses you and cant wait to see you.

Me- Awhh tell him I miss him too

 I said hanging up the phone. I went to my numbers to see who I could fake date. All the guys were takin except for Cody but I dont find him cute in anyway it would be hard. I looked down until I got to the G's. " Grant" I yelled jumping up. Grant is one of my ex boyfriends we broke up because he wannted me to live my dreams and not have to worry about going back home all the time to see him. It just wouldnt of worked but I can talk his mom in to letting him come here for a little while but if I bring him I have to bring all my close friends from back home. I called Grant.

Grant- Hello

Me- Heyy

Grant- Jordan it's been a while

Me- Yeah I know... but how would you like to fly out here for a little while and help me with somthing?

Grant- I would love to. Just me or?

Me- No I will fly you out and Heven, Bryclyn, Josie, Kole, and Andrew of course.

Grant- Yeah let me talk to my mom and I will call everyone else.

Me- Okay I will pay for it. I will pay for you guys to do everything down here. but there is one catch.

Grant- and that it?

Me- Well Justin and I cant be togther because of our manager but we have a plan to fake date people and actully be dating eachother.

Grant- So you want me to be the fake boy friend

Me- Yeah but it does have an up side the world will know who you are and you will be in the spot light for a while.

Grant- I will do anything to help you out. I will call you back when I talk to eveyone. Bye

Me- Thanks soo much hun Bye..

I hung up the phone and got in the shower. It's going to be hard to see Justin with another girl but I guess I can try it. I just dont want to lose him for good right now him and my fans are all I got.

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