They dont know us

Hello I'm Jordan. My friends call me Hoe we all have names like that. Mine happens to be hoe because I'm 17 and I can dance like booty pop, and move my hips and my friends cant. I once had a job as a stripper becuase my mom lost her job and she has 5 kids. I didnt it to help my mom out. but this caused me to get bullied. Then I ment LA Reid. He helped me get out my first ablum and I'm acutlly about to start a tour. The only thing that is getting in my way is a boy....... Named Justin Drew Bieber.. People think of us as to young to be in love but they are wrong.


2. our day

Jordans P.O.V.

I woke up and got dressed I put on some short shorts and a belly shirt that was pink and said Fame in orange letters. I curled my hair and put and orange bow on the side. I grabbed my phone. I had a message from Justin

Justin- Do you wanna go shopping or somthing today?

Me- Of course:)

Justin- Okay beautiful be there in a couple of hours

Me- Okay dont be late;)

I think that I really like him. I did my make up. I put pink eye shadow, eyeliner and masscara on. I walked down sairs and Justin was siting on my couch. " Hey Sexy I said running and jumping on his lap" He gave me a kiss on the lips. I smiled. " Where are we going?" he smiled " shopping". I got up and reached out my hand. He grabbed it up wrapped his arm around me and walked us to his car. I got into the passenger seat. He pluged his phone in. I picked it up and changed it to Lucky Ass Bitch by Mac Miller and started to sing along. " That's sexy" Justin said with a smirk. " Well thanks" I said laughing we pulled up to a outsided mall. " Where do you want to go first?" I asked him. He looked me up and down. " huh lets go get you a new swimming suit" i smiled " ohh I see haa let's go" I got out and He grabbed my hand and we walked. No one notcied us which was suprizing. Well he had sunglassed and his hood up. We walked in and went to the bikini's. " Okay you stay here" I said. I went into the dressing room with like 6 different ones. I put the first one on It was stapless and and had a bid dimond thing in the middle. I walked out. " What do you think" I said striking a pose. He looked me up and down licking his lips. " Huh It's..... Hot" I smiled. Dirty dancer came on. I smiled and pulled Justin in to the dressing room. I sat him down on the chair in there. I started to give him a lap dance. I bent over and shaked my butt in his face. then I sat on his a started to dace. I could feel his boner grow. " You must like this" I said with a laugh " Mmmm I'm loven It" He said will a laugh. Just then the door opend. It was a worker " You guys cant have sex inn..." She stopped.Ohh My You guys are Justin and Jordan. I smiled of embarrsement.  " huh Yes" I said. She smiled " Can I have a picture" " Of course" Justin said standing up. We got up and took a picture.




" that was so embarrsing" I laughed looking at Justin. " Haha not really". He smiled. " You dont think that was at all?" I asked raise my eyebrow. He smiled " No.. Because I think that I'm growing feelings for you..." He said and pessed his lips against mine.

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