They dont know us

Hello I'm Jordan. My friends call me Hoe we all have names like that. Mine happens to be hoe because I'm 17 and I can dance like booty pop, and move my hips and my friends cant. I once had a job as a stripper becuase my mom lost her job and she has 5 kids. I didnt it to help my mom out. but this caused me to get bullied. Then I ment LA Reid. He helped me get out my first ablum and I'm acutlly about to start a tour. The only thing that is getting in my way is a boy....... Named Justin Drew Bieber.. People think of us as to young to be in love but they are wrong.


1. Interview

Jordans P.O.V.

 Today I had an interview with Ellen again. I have been on her show every 3 months for like a year now. But I guess that's how long I have been famous for. L.A. Reid signed me to his record lable but he gave me a different manager which is John. He is nice I guess.

It was almost time for me to go on I just have to put on my lipstick and go. I was wearing black shorts with a shirt that kind of hung over my shoudlers that said love in the middle in black sparlky letters. My hair was just stright. I had on black sandel things.

I heard Ellen say Here is Jordan and my heart started to race as I walked out and saw tons of teen girls screaming my name. I gave Ellen a hug and sat in the chair next to her.

"Welcome back Jordan" Ellen said when a huge smile. " oh its nice to be back trust me Haha" I replied. " So I want to get right down to it". She said looking at the screen behind us and it had a picture of my wraits. I had cut my self a few years back. Ellen looked at me " Why would you do this to your self, What happend?" She asked. " Huh I was bullied and I thought that cuting my self would take the pain away or if I cut to deep I would die and all the pain would just stop and I could be happy again" She looked at the audience. " Could you maybe share you story with us?" She asked. " of course I can. Okay so um in 5th grade this girl started to call me names everyday and everytime she saw me. She never left me alone. Finally one day I punched her in the face. I thought that maybe she would see that I was done with her but no........ she told the whole school that I held a knife to her neck. Which I didnt. I lost all of my friends. I was alone. I had to eat a lone and play at recess a lone. I had no one. Which really took a tole on me..I was part of the " Popular " group and all that got tooken away. For four years my entire middle school experence I spend being called names everyday and everytime she saw me in the hall. I made my all my ffriends back in 7th grade but 8th grade was horrible. Everything was fine but then she started calling me names again. Every name in the book was because yelled at me. But not just by the one girl by 5 girls. I remember going home and feeling worthless, fat, ugly, and not good enough.. I started to believe everything that they said. I remember looking in the mirror and being able to look in my own eyes because I was ashamed. I grabed the razor from the shower. I sat my back against my wall and fell to the ground crying. I cut 6 lines into my arm. I grabed a knife I keep in there for when this time came I put it in the first cut about to go deeper when my phone went off. I had a Justin Bieber ringtone. I heard his voice and stopped because I'm a belieber and Justin once tweeted ( Dont cut your self or harm yourself in anyway please! It's a hoax by 9gag. My legal team is on it right now! Stay Strong! #Beliebers #shameon9gag ) His voice reminded me that I had to stop so I did. " I said looking down at my arm. " So" Ellen started " Justin saved your life in a way?" I smiled " Yes more than once. I'm a belieber and always will be Justin is my life saver!" Ellen smiled well can you explain this photo to me? I looked at her screen it was a picture of my kissing Justins forhead while he was holing me up with my legs wrapped around him. I smiled and looked back at her " I promise we arent dating" Ellen laughed "yet" she said laughing a little. I just lauged.

*************************** Note ********************************************

So I put in the bullying part because I was bullied and I just want you guys to know that cutting your self isnt goin take away the pain. I know it seems like a good idea but it's not. This is my story. There is still some that I dont want to share but I have been down that road and Justin pulled me out of it. Hearing his voice made me happy he showed me that you have to believe. but anyways Thanks for reading - Kat XXXX

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