They dont know us

Hello I'm Jordan. My friends call me Hoe we all have names like that. Mine happens to be hoe because I'm 17 and I can dance like booty pop, and move my hips and my friends cant. I once had a job as a stripper becuase my mom lost her job and she has 5 kids. I didnt it to help my mom out. but this caused me to get bullied. Then I ment LA Reid. He helped me get out my first ablum and I'm acutlly about to start a tour. The only thing that is getting in my way is a boy....... Named Justin Drew Bieber.. People think of us as to young to be in love but they are wrong.


3. drunk

Jordan's P.O.V.

 Yesterday Justin told me he might be catching feelings for me. I just kissed him and never said anything about it. I'm scared if we do date he will find out about my past and not like me anymore. I have spend the last few years trying to perfect a new me. I'm trying not to let people know how I use to be.

Today I have a party I have been planning for ages. All my friends from my old town and my new friends are going to be here. My huge is huge. I have a " Kid "  room as my mom calls it. The whole ground in there is a giant trampoline. Then it was like lazer tag, dodge ball, and stuff like that in there. It's kind of like a defy gravity but in my house. Then In my living room we have a giant pool. Then in the back yard has a bigger pool with a hot tub. So my house is great for parties. Justin is supposed to be coming but I dont want to see him. I dont want to catch feelings at all.

**************** Later that night at my party ************************************

Tons of people were here but Justin wasnt. I was just wearning my biniki but everyone was in there biniki so it wasnt just me. I was in the pool with Alli Simpson, Heven, Bryclyn, Tayla and Bella. We were talking about my tour that I'm about to start when I felt muscler arms around my body. " Hey Beautiful " a husky voice said I turned only to be face to face with Justin " Heyyy " I said less excited. " What's Wrong?" He asked " huh nothing I said looking down into the water." He picked me up putting me on his hips. All my friends swam away. Couldnt they be a cock block for once. " Your so Beautiful " Justin said putting his lips to mine. after a few seconds he licked my bottom lip as if asking for permission. I let him in of course. His tounge met mine they moved perfectly togther. We made out for a few mintues when I felt his hand move down my bottoms. I jumped a little. He smiled " Did I scare you he " He said as he fignured me. I tried not to moan so I bit my tounge. " Huh Jordan?" My friend Heven said I jumped off Justin " Huh Yes?" I said swimming over to the edge. " Your out of drinks. " I looked at the counter " Huh okay I will have Justins friend Lil Za go get some hold on.  I swam back to Justin " I will be back " I said laying a kiss on his lips and swimming away. I went to go find Za. He was sitting inside. " Hey can you go get some drinks?" I asked him. " Of course, What do you want?" He said " Huh I dont care" I said handing him a band of cash. I didnt want to go back to Justin just yet. I feel like he only want to hang out when he is horny. That sounds bad but it's true. I went to find my friends.



Lil Za had bought Beer and stuff to take shots with. Which I didnt care I was drink my self but this time I drank a little too much. I could barly walk when I bumped into Justin. " Hey," Justin said holding me in his arms. " Are you drunk?' He asked I laughed " Haha noo I'm totally sober" I said looking up at him. He just laughed " I think it's time for you to go to bed.'" I looked at him " but I want to party" I said jumping. Justin gave me a wired look " huh No lets go " He said picking me up bridel style. I yelled " Justin Drew put me down now" He just laughed. He carried me put stairs. He layed me on the bed and went to my closet. He grabbed some of my pajama shorts and a t-shirt then coming over to me and putting my clothes on over my bathing suite. " Awwh arent you sweet " I said patting his head. He just smiled. I then had felt like I had to throw up. I ran in to my bathroom and started to. I heard Justin come in. He grabbed my hair and put it up in a pony tail then rubbed my back. Once I was done he gave me somthing to wipe my mouth off and handed me a water bottle. " here drink this" He said picking me up and putting me back in my bed. He turned on the T.V. and put in pitched perfect. I sat up in bed. Justin sarted to leave but I really didnt want him to. " hey " I said right before he walked out the door. " Could you stay here with me?" I asked still drunk af. He smiled " of course I will" He said going to the oppsite side of the bed and climing in. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled the blankets over us. Our legs were intwined. I kissed his lips, He started to kiss back then stopped " Jordan I-II Cant do this your drunk and I dont want to do that to you and tonight I just want to lay here and cuddle you in my arms with no talk, no sex, no kissing just you, me and the bed. " I smiled at this knowing he was telling the truth.

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