They dont know us

Hello I'm Jordan. My friends call me Hoe we all have names like that. Mine happens to be hoe because I'm 17 and I can dance like booty pop, and move my hips and my friends cant. I once had a job as a stripper becuase my mom lost her job and she has 5 kids. I didnt it to help my mom out. but this caused me to get bullied. Then I ment LA Reid. He helped me get out my first ablum and I'm acutlly about to start a tour. The only thing that is getting in my way is a boy....... Named Justin Drew Bieber.. People think of us as to young to be in love but they are wrong.


4. Bad news

Jordan's P.O.V.

   I woke up in Justins arms. I have no clue how he got into my room but for some reason I didnt want to move. I wannted to lay in his arms. I got up anyway. " Justin " I yelled. His head popped up " Awwhh Come back to bed please lets lay here for a little while.. Please?" He said laying back down. I walked over to the bed " only for a little while " He smiled. He grabbed me by my wasite and pulled me close to his warm body. " What happened last night?" I asked him " His eyes opened a little "  Huh you had a party and got really drunk." I smiled " Really?" He laughed " Do you rememeber anything from last night?" I gave him a wired look " No... " " Ohh last night you got drunk and I brought you up stairs got you dressed then you threw up. I held your hair then we came in here and went to bed." I smiled " You spent your night taking care of me?" He smiled " yeah" I kissed his lips that was really sweet of him.



Justin and I were on our way to talk with Scooter. He called a an hour ago telling us to meet him at the studio. I threw on some nike shorts and a t-shirt then put my hair in a mess bun. I really didnt want to get all dressed up I didnt feel so well. We pulled up to the studio and Scooter was standing outside. We got out and walked up to him. " Let's go inside we have to talk" Scooter said. He sounded anrgy. We walked up to a room. " What is all this about bro?" Justin said siting on the couch. " Humm you guys are making headlines and that's bad." Scooter said walking back and forth. I wathed him for mintue before saying " Is that a bad thing?" He stopped and turned to me " It's good to be on the headlines just not for being a couple with someone underage." " But we arent dating" I said looking back and forth between Justin and Scooter. " Yeah but kissing, hugging, and holding hands in public makes it look like you do." Scooter said " What are we  supposed to do then?" Justin said. " Well, first started by hanging out with other people like Jordan your friends with Cody Simpson right?" I shook my head " Well hang out with him and Justin you and whatever but this has got to blow over." I moved closer to Justin " So I cant hang out with him anymore?" a tear fell from my face. Justin looked down and wiped the tear from my face. " No.. Just not in public... for right now" Scooter said slowly. " What about the award show we are supposed to walk the carpet and perform togther..." Scooter cut me off " Well you guys will still perform togther but you cant walk the carpet or talk before or after the perfomance" I just looked at Justin. " You guys need to walk out of here at different times" Scooter said " So Jordan you need to come with me because I'm taking it as Justin drove you guys here.?" He rose one eye brow. " Yeah he did" I said getting up Justin following. Before I walked out the door Justin said " one last hug?" I turned around with tears falling down my face. I walked over to Justin and wrapped me arms around him. He hugged me for a few seconds then whispered. " No matter what we can still hang out. I'm not letting you get away." I smiled and kissed his lips I turned around and started to walked down stairs with Scooter. There was tons of paps standing outside. " Dont say anything" Scooter said walking infront of me. We walked out and they started to take tons of pictures. " Jordan where is Justin?" one asked " Is he inside?" another asked I just looked down and didnt say anthing until one said " Jordan did Justin finally dump you for someone better?" I turned and faced him with tears in my eyes. " No he didnt we were never dating.. and never will be thanks to you, you guys are nothing but horrible people that take good people and make them into somthing they arent." and I walked into Scooters car and we drove off.

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