Give Me Love (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

"Give me love like never before,
'cause lately I've been craving more.."
-Ed Sheeran

The story of two people who live completely different lives, but want the same thing, love.
Charlotte lives with a single parent after her father passes. With only her mother and sister around school is not the only thing she has to commit to. Charlotte has to work to help provide for the bills and necessities her family needs. Her friends help her get through the problems she faces every step of the way. At school, she is know as the quiet innocent one.
Harry lives a great life, but behind closed doors, it does not always seem that way. The outside world sees him as a womanizer who is constantly in relationships, while his friends and family are the only ones who know the real him. He is tired of being seen in a negative image.

Will they find the love they have always looked for? Or will their opposite lives clash?


2. Chapter Two

Flashes of lightning began to appear in the sky, with thunder following after each strike. I watched as the black truck came to a stop right in front of me. I looked around to see if there was anyone else in left in the park. No one. Why would a car be out by a park during a thunderstorm? Then I remembered, what was I doing out here during a thunderstorm?

The driver's door opened revealing a tall, lean, curly haired guy. His hair was easily swept up in  a beanie, with short curls on the sides and back. He was wearing an olive green jacket and black jeans.

"What are you doing out here?!" he shouted while walking towards me.

Questioning whether I should run the other way, I stepped back not answering his question. I stood there with a blank face even after he repeated his question.

"I-I'm just walking.." I said without a thought.

"Did you not hear about the thunderstorm?"

"Yes, but.."

"Are you crazy!? This is extremely dangerous!" He shouted back without letting me explain. "Just get in the car!"

"Excuse Me?" I replied.

"Get in the car!" he demanded.

He was a complete stranger to me, not only that, he could have been some sort of crazy serial killer for all I know. I started to walk in the opposite direction.

"Where are you going?" he asked.


"Walking? Let me give you a ride!"

"No, it's fine.. I'll be fine."

"Please, trust me, I can't let you walk in this weather."

As I stopped walking, I thought about the situation I was in. If I didn't get home soon, my mother would freak out. I would't want anymore worry put upon her. So, I turned around facing him. Once I did, I noticed his piercing green eyes staring back at me. He got to me.

"Fine." I finally agreed.

"Alright, follow me to my vehicle which I use to travel, it's right over here!" he said while pointing at his car with both arms and a cheeky grin. I laughed a bit after hearing about his "traveling vehicle." He took off his jacket, revealing a black long sleeve, and put it over my shoulders, causing my cheeks to blush. I like the fact that he was just trying to make me smile, and he succeeded.

He escorted me back to his car, walking fast and making sure we did not get any more wet than we already were. He opened the passenger door and I slipped in. The warmth of the car made me realize how cold it had gotten outside. I turned to him and smiled, showing his dimpled smile once again. I swear I knew him from somewhere. But where?

"What's your name, by the way?" he asked while he turned on the engine.

"Charlotte, and yours?"

"Really? Oh, it's um.. Harry, Harry Styles." He replied.

"Oh, nice to meet you Harry." I said. I knew he looked familiar. I'm pretty sure he was good friends with Ed Sheeran, and he was in a boyband too. I believe its One Direction.

"Nice to meet you too Charlotte." He said with a smile that can make anyone's heart melt. Okay, okay, I blushed a bit.

After our introductions, the car ride consisted of many awkward conversations and questions.

"I like your um.. Eyes. You know.. The um.. color, green," he said while keeping his eyes on the road.

Blushing, I laughed a bit while I smiled at his compliment. Wow, he complimented me. He chuckled along with me after realizing what he had just said.

"Thanks. I like yours too. " I replied with a smile. I failed at trying to make it less awkward.

Once I typed my address into his GPS, I looked around and saw a picture of him and four other guys on his dashboard. I'm guessing those were his band members. Next to it was another picture of him with two women who looked like him.

The car ride home was not very long, so we were not really able to have a deep conversation. Before I knew it, we had arrived at my house. The steady pace of the windshield wipers stopped once the engine of the car was turned off.

"When can I see you again?" he asked with a smile.

"Whenever," I replied returning the grin.

"I want to get to know you, you know, with less awkwardness. You seem very nice." He said as we both chuckled.

"Same here, and I agree, this was very awkward" I responded as our laughters filled each others' ears.

"May I?" He said pointing to my phone which I held in my hand.

"Of course!" I replied handing him my cellphone.

I watched as went through my phone which later triggered a vibration onto the dashboard.

"Yup, got it!" He said lifting his up.

As we walked from the car to the front porch, I searched for my keys inside my bag. Once i found them, I unlocked the door and swung it open. I took off his jacket, feeling the breeze hit the surface of my skin. I handed it to him and he slipped it onto his shoulders once again.

"So I'll see you later then." He said smiling.

"Yes, I hope! And thank you so much." I replied doing the same.

We smiled as we said our goodbyes and he walked back to his car, looking back a couple of times. I waved as he got into his car, he followed with a wave back. After that, he drove off.

I walked into my house noticing that my mother was not home yet. I heard the vibration of my phone on the table I had left my bag at. Picking it up, I read the text message saying:

"Nice to meet you, Charlotte :) xx " - Harry

I replied with:

"Nice to meet you too, Mr. Styles. ;) "

I flung myself onto our couch and crossed my ankles on the handrest. I immediately dialed my best friend Amrita to tell her about the whole thing. 

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