Give Me Love (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

"Give me love like never before,
'cause lately I've been craving more.."
-Ed Sheeran

The story of two people who live completely different lives, but want the same thing, love.
Charlotte lives with a single parent after her father passes. With only her mother and sister around school is not the only thing she has to commit to. Charlotte has to work to help provide for the bills and necessities her family needs. Her friends help her get through the problems she faces every step of the way. At school, she is know as the quiet innocent one.
Harry lives a great life, but behind closed doors, it does not always seem that way. The outside world sees him as a womanizer who is constantly in relationships, while his friends and family are the only ones who know the real him. He is tired of being seen in a negative image.

Will they find the love they have always looked for? Or will their opposite lives clash?


3. Chapter Three

Apparently, Amrita was already on her way to my house when I had called. Amrita was my best friend, and she was there for me whenever I needed her. I had other good friends as well, but she was like a sister to me. She was way more outgoing than I was, and people would point out about our opposite personalities. Although we had our differences, we still had so much in common.

"So you got into a stranger's car?!?" she said without letting me explain.

" Yeah but-"

"Do you not understand how dangerous that was?!"

" I know it was, but-"

"Whats his name?! How old is he?!" she said curiously.

I looked up while playing around with my fingers to find her large brown eyes staring straight into mine as she waited for a response.

"Well its.. Harry Styles."

I watched as her jaw dropped once I told her who this mysterious guy was. She tied her long black hair into a high bun and sat back on the couch as she waited for me to explain.

"Oh my gosh! On my way here, they were saying something about him on the radio! Well about One Direction. Something about rehearsing here in LA." she said jumping from her seat.

"Well that explains why he's here," I replied with a smile.

"Yes! Did anything else happen?"

"Well he just  picked me up from the park and that's basically it." I said while shrugging my shoulders as I sat next to her.

It took her some time to respond after what I had told her. I had basically told her everything, except for the endless amount of "awkward" situations that went on during the car ride. She would have wanted to give me an endless lecture on how to be more outgoing and talkative.

We continued to talk about Harry until Amrita reminded me of the project that was due the next morning. Which was one of the reasons why she had come over. I have to admit that we are some of the best procrastinators out there, but we try our best whenever something needs to be done.

We got up from the couch in my living room and walked upstairs to where my bedroom was. Amrita immediately jumped onto my bed.

We took out our bags and scattered as much notes and paperwork we had all over the floor and bed. As she organized the piles of notes, I sat at my desk in front of my computer. We promised not to get distracted and worked on our project for a couple of hours, which consisted of figuring out the morality of society. Amrita told me the information as I typed everything on the computer. After the continuous work, we were finally finished.

"And did he give you his number?" she asked.

"Well yeah kind of. I mean, yeah." I said as I tried to plan out what to say next.

"And has he texted or called yet?" she asked while zipping up her bag.

"Nope not yet, at least not since the first message I responded to " I told her as I faced the ground. I understood that he may have been doing other stuff, and that waiting would be the best option.

"Why don't you text him?"

"Because I don't want to bother him."

"Let me see your phone" she said slowly walking towards me from my bed. I knew what she was up to.

"No it's fine, I dont want to bother him" I responded while stepping back towards the door. Yup, I knew exactly what she wanted to do.

I was unable to escape as she ran towards me. She tackled me to the floor trying to take my cellphone away. Amrita was much stronger than I was, so I should have just stopped trying. We began to laugh as she tried to reach for my phone. The slight height difference gave me the advantage as I stretched my hands out above me. I tried pushing her away with my legs but she just wouldn't budge. Struggling to escape from her grasp, I tried to keep my phone as far away from her as possible. 

"Let me go!" I said while laughing and crawling away from her while she caught a hold of my foot.

"No! Not until you tell him whats on your mind!" she demanded. Amrita knew I would never be the kind of girl who would take the first step in a relationship.

While trying to get away, I stubbed my toe on the foot of the bed. I immediately dropped to the floor once again while laughing with pain as I held my foot. 

"Ah- ha! Got it!" she said while picking up my phone.

I lay there looking up at her. She began to touch the screen, looking for Harry's messages. I immediately knew when she found them once her smile grew larger by the moment.

"Done" she said smiling. I smiled back, being the only thing I could do. "By the way, I deleted the message so you will never know what I sent! Ha!"

"Amrita!!" I said as I burried my face in my hands.

"Now, lets look up this Harry Styles guy online to find a bit more about him!" she said while holding out her hand for me to grab and pull myself up. I brushed myself off and we walked towards the computer which was only a few steps away.

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