Give Me Love (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

"Give me love like never before,
'cause lately I've been craving more.."
-Ed Sheeran

The story of two people who live completely different lives, but want the same thing, love.
Charlotte lives with a single parent after her father passes. With only her mother and sister around school is not the only thing she has to commit to. Charlotte has to work to help provide for the bills and necessities her family needs. Her friends help her get through the problems she faces every step of the way. At school, she is know as the quiet innocent one.
Harry lives a great life, but behind closed doors, it does not always seem that way. The outside world sees him as a womanizer who is constantly in relationships, while his friends and family are the only ones who know the real him. He is tired of being seen in a negative image.

Will they find the love they have always looked for? Or will their opposite lives clash?


4. Chapter Four

* Harry's POV *

The rehearsals went extremely well. The boys and I were getting ready to start on our new tour. It felt a bit odd because of the fact that we were going to kick off this tour in America first. The tour was not going to start for another couple of months, but this one was going to be bigger than ever.

My view changed from the television to the sight of Zayn dragging Niall across the dressing room carpet. This would definitely lead to a painful burn over his back later on. I looked around the room to find Liam speaking on the phone and Louis skyping with his girlfriend Eleanor. I always admired the relationship Louis and Eleanor had. They were just so happy together, and they were able to manage it no matter the distance they were from each other.

I walked over to where Louis was at. He sat with the computer in front of him resting on the arm rest of the couch he was sitting on. I threw myself to the empty spot next to him, making myself slightly visible in front of the laptop screen. I immediately greeted Eleanor while waving my hand in a fast motion.

"Heeeeyyy Eleanor!!!" I said as Louis shoved me away. It was obvious that they were having a conversation, but I decided to interrupt for the fun of it.

"Hey Harry!" she said with a smile, turning her vision back to Louis after I was pushed away.

I got up from the couch and jogged over to where I had left all of my belongings. Looking back, I saw everyone continuing what they were originally doing. I picked up my phone to find a text from Charlotte. I noticed that I had forgotten to text her back. I slid the message icon that popped up on the lock-screen. It read:

"My house tomorrow, at 8? Dress fancy."

As I read the text, a smile began to grow across my face. We did not have rehearsals tomorrow, which was good because I wanted to get to know Charlotte a bit better. I wonder what she meant by "dress fancy." Great, now I need to find something to wear. I replied with:

"Oooh fancy! Got it! Hope I didn't sound like a creep when I first saw you. Haha"

After I sent the message, I turned around to find all the boys messing around. I placed my phone onto the counter with the rest of my stuff, revealing a small smile.

"What are you smilin about there, mate?" I heard Liam say. The rest of the guys immediately stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to me.

"Oh nothing, but I'm going home now! See ya later!" I said as I quickly grabbed my stuff and walked out of the dressing room, trying to avoid any further conversation.

"Mhmm.." I heard one of the boys say.

I walked down the dozens of hallways, which led to the parking lot. I took out my keys and unlocked my car. I slipped in and I pulled out my phone and saw that Charlotte had replied to my message:

"Oh, not at all! You dont seem like one. Lol If you were, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one knowing it. XD"

It was a bit late, so we said goodnight to each other after a few texts. I had been sitting in my car for a while, then I finally turned on the car and drove back to my flat. It didn't take long because I decided to get a place that was not that far from the arena, but not that close to the city. I pulled into the driveway and locked the gate behind me. Then I saw a familiar car in one of my parking spaces. It was Rick.

I opened the door to find Rick on the couch with a half-naked woman laying on top of him. Her dress was extremely short and revealing, but Rick was into that. 

"HHHARRYYY!!!" I heard my friend say once he saw me, getting up from his seat. His black hair was no longer up from the front, but falling down in front of his face, with his blue eyes red and puffy on the outside. Coming in for a hug, I took a step back after smelling the large amount of alcohol in his breath.  I pushed him away, while hanging on to the collar of his shirt, with the woman sitting there watching, with a smile. 

"What are you doing here Rick? I gave you a key for emergencies only." I told him right before he stumbled onto me, making me catch him.

"I - I wanted to see youuuu" he said slurring his words. His speech hardly understandable.

"I'll take you home" I said as I led him to the door, with the girl following behind. She grabbed his stuff and we walked to the car, with him hanging onto our shoulders. He was obviously more drunk than she was.

We put Rick into the back seat, and I ran back to my flat making sure everything was okay. After locking everything, I got into my car, and the girl in the passenger's seat. Rick had passed out, and had taken up all the space in the back seats.

While I headed out of my driveway, I saw a few men with large cameras flashing them towards us, standing outside my home. The girl beside me began to smile, as I cursed under my breath. This did not look very good. I looked around, making sure the sources of flshing lights were not in the way of my car. I drove onto the road, and began to drive a bit faster after a while, losing the black vans that I knew were following us. Talk about awkward situations. Two in one day, however, this one I didn't want to be involved in. The girl was on her phone the whole time, doing who knows what.

Rick woke up during the drive to his place. He kept mumbling words, while trying to get up, but eventually failing every time. Once we got there , the girl helped him and lead him to his door, having to pull down her dress every once in a while. I watched from the car, making sure they got inside safely. Then, I headed home. I turned on the radio, tuning it to a decent station. 

I was happily back at my flat. There were no more men waiting outside. I closed the door behind me, once I got inside. I looked around to find my living space in quite a mess. Oh Rick, I'll confront him about this later. After cleaning up a bit, I walked up the stairs into my room and stripped into some pajama pants. Jumping onto my bead, I wrapped my blankets around me, making it nice and snug. I wondered what the next day would be like, before I drifted off to sleep.



Thank you guys for reading!!! I really appreciate it!! 


Let me know what you think about it! 

Love You!

- Cynthia :)

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