Give Me Love (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

"Give me love like never before,
'cause lately I've been craving more.."
-Ed Sheeran

The story of two people who live completely different lives, but want the same thing, love.
Charlotte lives with a single parent after her father passes. With only her mother and sister around school is not the only thing she has to commit to. Charlotte has to work to help provide for the bills and necessities her family needs. Her friends help her get through the problems she faces every step of the way. At school, she is know as the quiet innocent one.
Harry lives a great life, but behind closed doors, it does not always seem that way. The outside world sees him as a womanizer who is constantly in relationships, while his friends and family are the only ones who know the real him. He is tired of being seen in a negative image.

Will they find the love they have always looked for? Or will their opposite lives clash?


5. Chapter 5

* Charlotte's POV *

"Oh, he's seeing someone?" I asked my friend after clicking on the newly updated post. " It was put up five minutes ago, Amrita."

"Let me see" she said scooting me off my seat in front of my laptop. She scrolled down the page and read the passage beneath the picture on the gossip site:

Ooohh Harry!!! Have you found another lucky girl to spice up your love life? These two were seen leaving Styles' LA home earlier today..... Is she the one? How about the next one, or the next one, or the next one. Have you been writing their names down, Harry? If you want, we could keep track and send you a list later.

That girl seemed to be really liking the attention, Harry, on the other hand, showed no emotion in the picture. I couldn't help but think about the type of guy Harry was, well, according to all these sites. Was I going to be added to this "list" they were talking about?

Amrita and I had been looking him up for about an hour now. We watched a lot of videos of him and the group he was in, One Direction. He didn't seem like that type of guy though, I mean, not in the videos or at the time I met him. I guess I'll just have to find out.

I looked up from the screen to check my phone. It was one in the morning already?!

"Oh my gosh, it's late!!" I heard Amrita say jumping from her seat. She ran over to the bed to grab all of her stuff. "Hey I'll see you tomorrow! Remember, Apartment searching tomorrow!!" she said rushing through the door, and later shutting the front door. Amrita and I still lived with our parents, but we hoped on getting a place together towards the end of Winter Break, which was right around the corner. 

After a few minutes, I heard the front door open again. I walked to the top of the staircase to find my mother setting down her purse on the table by the door. "Charlie, you're still awake?" she said a bit tired. 

"Yup, can't really sleep" I responded.

She walked up the stairs and passed in front of me. Before she entered her room, I told her, " Hey mom, I don't think you should take as much hours anymore. I mean, we've paid our debts and we've got some money saved. I've been working a bit too, an-"

"Thank you, sweetie." I heard her say while coming in for a hug. "I know it's been a bit hard these past months, but we're in this together. I don't want you to feel like we're holding you back either."

"Of course not, I want to help. But remember mom, the hours. You need a break."

"I know, I know. I'll call the hospital office in the morning. You too, less hours." she said to me, revealing a smile and the crinkles by her olive green eyes. 

We said goodnight after another embrace. I walked into my room and changed into some shorts and a t-shirt. After shutting my laptop and connecting my phone into the outlet, I lied in bed and looked up at the ceiling. It was Saturday tomorrow, and I had no classes. Only one more week, and then break. I slowly felt my eyes droop and I ended up asleep.


- The Next Day / Saturday -

I woke up to the sound of footsteps walking up the stairs. Yup, I'm a light sleeper. Getting out of my warm bed, I rubbed my arms, trying to get rid of the cold that was now brushing against my skin. I looked around my room, wondering why it was freezing in here.

Well, turns out, I had left my bedroom window open. Walking over to it, I shut the glass windows that were now moving along with the current of the wind. I looked out to find the sky as grey as it was yesterday.

I grabbed my blanket from the bed and wrapped it around my body as I walked down the stairs. 

" Charlie, I'm gonna pick up Casey from the neighbors, I'll be back in a few!" I heard my mother say as she headed towards the door. " Come lock the door!"

"Going!" I said walikng swiftly down the staircase. 

After closing the door, I jumped onto our sofa and turned on the tv. 

* Ding, Ding * (Doorbell)

"Ughh, I'm comin!" I said, having to get up from my comfortable position on the couch. I opened the door to find Amrita, standing in front of me. 

"Why aren't you dressed? We're going house hunting today, remember!"

"Oh my gosh, I forgot!" I said running up the staircase.

I got in the shower as fast as I could,and later chose my clothes from my closet. After putting on my jeans, I put on my black riding boots, one foot at a time. I slipped on a white v-neck, along with a burgundy plaid button up on top. I quickly stuffed my belongings into my bag and headed downstairs.

"Hurry! We set up appointments remember!" I heard Amrita shout.

"I know, I know!" I said as I rushed down the stairs while brushing my hair.

I placed the brush on the table, bent over, and shook my hair, getting some of the water on my friend and my surroundings. 

"You're so odd." I heard Amrita giggle as she opened the front door.

"Thanks" I said smiling, while putting my hair back into place. 

We got into her car and I let my mother know where I was headed, with a text. She turned on the car and we headed towards the first apartment complex.


"That went well," I heard Amrita say with sarcasm as we drove into my home's driveway.

"Definitely," I responded as I got out of the car.

I looked at the time on my phone as I took out my house keys from my bag. It was now a few minutes after 5 o'clock. We had spent most of the day looking for apartments, unsuccessfully. I opened the door to find my younger sister in the living room, watching tv. Amrita and I placed our belongings on the table by the front door and walked over to where Casey was at. We jumped onto the seats beside her and asked her what she was watching.

"The Lorax" she responded with her full attention on the screen before her, as she played with the edges of the remote.

"Oh I see, where's mom?" I asked her.

"I'm over here!" I heard her shout from what seemed like the kitchen. 

I walked over to the kitchen to find my mother washing some of the dishes that were left over from her and Casey's meal. 

"Have you guys eaten yet?" she asked me as I leaned on the counter next to the sink.

"I'm not very hungry right now, we ate earlier. I don't know about Amrita thou-" I heard the doorbell ring, cutting me off. 

"Charlie! Answer it!" I heard both my sister and Amrita say almost in sync.

"Really guys?" I responded, walking towards the front door. I turned in their direction to find them whispering to each other. Why were they giggling?

I looked back and found them waiting by one of the walls near me. My mother later joining them with a confused face as she dried her hands with a cloth, and the other two continuing to giggle between themselves. 

I opened the door, finding the back of someone. He turned around swiftly, revealing the face of the guy that stood in front of me. Harry?

"Hey," he said, smiling, and looking at me with his bright green eyes. I looked up and down, noticing that he was wearing a well fitted tuxedo. Noticing my observations, he let out a chuckle.

"Oh hey!" I replied, smiling in return. "Come in!" I said, opening the door wider, to let him in.

As he walked in I could hear gasps coming from my family and friend. Confused, I looked over to Amrita, waiting for her to say something.

"You must be Harry, Amrita here, was telling me about you" my mother said, being the first to speak.

I never really told my mother about him, because she got home late last night. I was planning on telling her today though.

"A pleasure to meet you" Harry said, extending his hand, shaking my mother's.

"Charlie, how about you go get dressed, and we keep Harry company here?" My mother said as she pointed upstairs. 

"Right" I said, still confused with the situation. 

I walked up the stairs carefully, making sure that I wouldn't trip in front of the eyes that I knew we're watching me. After I was a short distance away from my bedroom door, I ran inside, closing the door behind me quickly. 

I looked around my closet for something to change into. 

"Oh gosh what do I do?" I said to myself as I paced around, the small amount of walking space in my closet. 

Harry was definitely dressed very formal, so I needed to find something rather fancy as well. I didn't have many dresses, I only dressed up for special occasions, which didn't happen often. 

I turned to the corner of the closet, to find my royal blue fit and flare dress that I wore to a wedding a couple of weeks ago. I took off the clothing that I was wearing, and slipped on the dress that was in front of me. Dang it, a zipper. I pulled my hair up and extended my arms in back of me, pulling the zipper upward. 

I put my hair back down, and searched for a pair of shoes that would fit the dress. 

Going through my shoes, I found some black heels with a strap on the front. I put them on and quickly walked towards the bathroom.

While I waited for my curling iron to heat up, I put on some makeup. I applied some mascara and a bit of eyeliner, along with some foundation. I never liked putting too much, most of the time because of my laziness to take it off. 

I picked up the iron and curled a couple of parts of my hair, letting it mix with my natural brown waves. After I unplugged the iron, I walked over to my full-size mirror beside my bed. 

Well, does this look okay? I looked at what stood in front of me. Is it too much? What will Harry think? I don't know if I could do this. 

I sat on my bed, letting my thoughts and insecurities get to me.

*Door opens*

I looked up, to find Amrita, closing the door behind her. 

"Hey" she said with a faint smile on her face. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I was just thinking about, well-"

"Charlotte, sometimes I belive you think too much" She said as I smiled. Is it bad to think to much? "You look beautiful, and Harry's here for you. He wouldn't have taken my- I mean your invitat-"

"So you-?"

"Yeah I did, and you have nothing to worry about. The article we saw- Look, I just want you to be careful, okay?."

"I know" I said, as we hugged each other. "Well, here goes nothin." 

We walked out of my room and made our way downstairs. Walking into the kitchen, my eyes immediately met Harry's. Smiles growing on both of our faces after a while. Arms wrapped around the lower part of my body, later revealing the huge smile on my little sisters face as she looked up at me. 

"Charlie, you look so pretty!" Casey said as she played with the ends of my dress. 

"Thank you so much" I told her, then looked up at my mother to see we smiling as well. 

"How about we go watch a movie in your room Casey?" Amrita asked. 

"Okay!" My sister responded in joy. She caught a hold of my friends hand and left the room. 

"I'll join in a bit!" my mother said. 

"So what are we gonna do now?" Harry asked. 

"I actually have no idea" I responded. I really didn't, Amrita played this trick. 

"How about you guys figure it out in the car, yeah?" my mother said with a soft laugh. 

"Sure" Harry said picking up his keys off the table. 

I agreed and we walked out of the kitchen. 

"Charlie can I talk to you for a bit?" my mom asked me. 

"I'll wait in the car! Nice meeting you Mrs. Lanson" Harry said as he shook my mothers hand and smiled, with her returning the favor. 

As the door shut, my mother looked to me. "He seems really nice" she said with a smile. "If you need anything just call us okay? I love you." 

"I love you too mom" I said, holding her in a tight embrace. 

"Now, let's not keep him waiting" she said as she opened the door and handed me my bag. 

"Mom are you scooting me off?" I said laughing as I grabbed my stuff. 

"No, it's just that you hardly go out like this and-"

"Oh gosh, okay, okay. I'll go now!" I said as we both laughed. "I'll see you later then!" 

I walked out of my house and closed the door behind me. Walking down my front porch steps, I saw Harry opening the passenger door to the familiar vehicle. 

"Why thank you, ever so much!" I said hopping into the car. 

"No problem ma' lady!" he replied smiling as well. 

Once we were both in the car he turned on the engine and the heater, making it a bit warmer right away. 

We looked at each other grinning and he said, "So, where to now?" 



But I have ideas for the next chapter already! YAYYY! 

Where do you think they'll go? It's definitely less AWKWARD now. 


Thank you guys so much! 

- Cynthia 

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