Give Me Love (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

"Give me love like never before,
'cause lately I've been craving more.."
-Ed Sheeran

The story of two people who live completely different lives, but want the same thing, love.
Charlotte lives with a single parent after her father passes. With only her mother and sister around school is not the only thing she has to commit to. Charlotte has to work to help provide for the bills and necessities her family needs. Her friends help her get through the problems she faces every step of the way. At school, she is know as the quiet innocent one.
Harry lives a great life, but behind closed doors, it does not always seem that way. The outside world sees him as a womanizer who is constantly in relationships, while his friends and family are the only ones who know the real him. He is tired of being seen in a negative image.

Will they find the love they have always looked for? Or will their opposite lives clash?


1. Chapter One

*Charlotte's POV*

I placed my apron onto the hook by employee exit in the back of the restaurant. Working as a waiter helped me earn some money to help my mother with the payments that were due at the end of the month. However, business was running a bit slow these past few weeks.

"I'll see you later John!" I said to my co-worker as I walked out the exit, closing the door behind me. 

The breeze began to blow, brushing my mid-length brown hair across my face. It was starting to get a bit chilly. I made my way towards my royal-blue moped, which was parked further into the alleyway, next to a couple of other employee cars.

I moved my hair to the side, placing my helmet on. I really needed a car, the cold weather was starting to settle in. Placing the key into the ignition with one hand, I took out my phone with the other. There was a text from my mother: 

"Hey Charlotte, I'm gonna be home later than I thought. I'm running a few extra shifts here at the hospital. Can you pick up Casey? I'll see you guys when I get home. Love you. " 

My mother had added a couple more hours to work, after my father had passed. I told her not too many to stress her out, because I wanted to help as well. Plus, I wanted to earn some extra money to spend on some other stuff as well. Since my mother was gonna be home late, it was my job to pick up my younger sister from her afterschool program at 5 o'clock.

I placed my phone back into my jean pocket, making sure it wouldn't fall out. I lifted my feet onto the side steps and drove onto the road in front of me. 

I made my way into the school parking lot, immediately spotting my blue-eyed, brown haired sister. She resembled my father more than I did. After signing her out, I placed my second helmet onto her little head. 

"Hold on tight, Case!" I told her before we headed home. I was supposed to leave her at my neighbor's house today, since it was their daughter's sleepover, and Casey wanted to attend. They were best friends anyway, and her parents were close friends with mine.

After dropping her off, I headed into our home, changing into my running clothes. As I walked out my front door, I began to notice the clouds gathering above me. Making sure the door was locked, I turned the door knob once again making sure my home was secure. The sky was getting darker, but I didn't bother checking the weather because I didn't think it was going to be a problem. Going on afternoon jogs was something that helped me have some time to myself, and think about things going on in my life.

Running past dozens of houses I took the time to observe the things around me. My neighborhood iwas never this quiet, but somehow today it was. There are usually kids running around the streets playing with others, while their parents sit there watching or talking to other adults about events happening in their daily lives.

I pull out my phone and earphones and scroll thorugh my playlists. The sound of Ed Sheeran's voice filled my ears once I touched the play icon. 

After a couple of minutes, the sign that greeted me every afternoon was now in sight.

"Welcome to Winston Park."

Once I entered, I noticed the large amount of people beginning to leave. The park was usually filled with families or couples there to appreciate the nature around them. I decided to keep going. I switched from the sidewalk next to the roads onto the different paths throughout the park. Rain began to pour a bit after I started to jog on the trail I usually took. The mud below each step increased. I just choose to ignore it rather than go back home and do nothing. The weather was not going to stop me from doing something I loved. Plus, it wouldn't be that bad anyway.

My mind began to roam around different subjects: family, friends, school, and work.

I think about how much I really appreciate my family and friends. Ever since my father's death my mother, my sister, and I have become a lot closer. Knowing that we now depend on each other after being left alone. For a quiet girl I guess you can say I have a pretty good amount of friends. I feel like I can come out of my shell when I'm around friends or people I'm comfortable with.

I've never really been in a relationship or have fallen in love. I guess you can say its probably because I'm known as the shy and innocent one. Guys usually go for the outgoing, social girl who knows how to give them a good time. The voice of a quiet girl is hardly heard by anyone. Constantly seeing people around me having someone to share that affection with makes me crave it even more. The fact that the person they have fallen for makes them happy and brightens their day makes me want to go through with it also. I'm not desperate for it, but I'd really like it.

The thunder began to crash above my head and the rain started to pour harder than ever. I looked around for a safe spot to wait the storm out, finally regretting the choice I had made of not leaving when I had the chance. The weather had gotten worse since I first entered the park. The trails were now filled with mud and water, and the park was completely quiet and empty. I jogged a bit more and found a large tree standing only a few feet before me, so I ran towards it. Now in a dry place I began to look around at the empty park, only to see a black truck pull up onto the road in front of me.

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