Poetry - Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Zayn Malik. He's sweet and caring. Never would he hurt a soul. That's his cover. His dirty past is built of lies and destruction. He finds a girl, a girl by the name of Noel. What keeps them sane? Poetry.


4. “Some secrets are better left at that -as secrets.”

“Some secrets are better left at that -as secrets.” -  Candace Bushnell 

The halls of the apartment building where quite, only the soft sound of the very few t.v.'s could be heard from the walls. Noel was walking towards Sasha and her room, her shoes tapping on the floor. She pushed her keys into the door, turning them right.

Sasha was sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, watching Awkward. Her red hair was hanging loosely around her shoulders, the red dye popping against her black tank top. "Hey," she said, her eyes fixed on the television. "You're home late."

"Yeah," Noel said, setting her purse on the bar. "And you're up late."

Sasha turned her head, now looking at Noel. "You know I can't miss an Awkward marathon."

"It's two in the morning."

"Don't care."

Noel smiled and walked into the kitchen, fixing herself a glass of chocolate milk. She sat at the bar as Sasha continued to talk:

"How was the nightclub?" Sasha spoke.

"Loud," said Noel, trying her best to make it sound like she went to an actual nightclub. "And crowded."

"Alright," Sasha said, shutting off the T.V. "I'm off to bed."

"Me too," said Noel. They both headed into their rooms. Noel was soon cleaned and changed, then in bed, looking through Tumblr on her phone.

The sound of a text message sounded from the device. Noel wondered who it could be. It was from Zayn:

Hey. U looked pretty today

Noel sucked in a breath through her teeth. Was he hitting on her? She texted back, thanks. Soon another beep came from the phone.

Tomorrow will you meet me at the coffee place? I gotta tell u something.

Curious what he was talking about, Noel sent, Can't you tell me now?

He responded quickly. Nope.

"Dammit," Noel whispered, itching to know what it was. 

Meet me there at 9:00.

That early?? :/


But I just had a big party! I'm gonna be tired.

I like seeing tired boys. 

Noel almost typed that they're cute, but that would have sounded like she was flirting with Zayn. Instead she let the text be.

Ok, ok. I'll be there.

KK, well now I'm hitting the hay.

Me 2. I'll c u tomorrow.

See ya.

The rest of the night as Noel slept, she wondered what Zayn would say. But at the same time, she knew he had to get out of her life. Either that, or she would have to tell Sasha, and things wouldn't be the same again. But some secrets had to be kept secrets.

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