Poetry - Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Zayn Malik. He's sweet and caring. Never would he hurt a soul. That's his cover. His dirty past is built of lies and destruction. He finds a girl, a girl by the name of Noel. What keeps them sane? Poetry.


18. "One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory."

“One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.” - Rita Mae Brown

20 missed calls from Zayn.

Noel groaned, rolling over in her bed, tangled in her sheets. Zayn’s been calling her all day, nonstop. Noel’s been ignoring them all day. She’s been wrapped in her sheets, passing the time by reading books and watching Youtube videos. She didn’t know what to do; this situation was definitely as new one. She heard her cell phone ring again. Sitting up, she glanced at it. It was Zayn again.

“Noel?” Sasha stepped in, dressed in sweats and a tank top. “Knock knock.”

Noel grumbled as she wiped the crumbs off her shirt. “What?”

“You’ve been lying in bed all day.” Sasha took the half-closed laptop off of Noel’s belly. “You are literally lying in a pool of sweat and crumbs.”


Sasha sighed, pulling Noel off of her bed. She was still in pajamas, and last night’s make-up was smeared across her face. “Sasha,” she groaned, scratching her head. “Why are you here?”

“You know I hate when you spend all day getting smelly in your room.” She slightly pushed Noel out of her bedroom door. “I always end up cleaning up your slop.”

“Sorry,” Noel said, rubbing her hands on her face. The faint sound of her phone rang from her bed.

“You gonna get that?”

Noel shook her head.

Sasha groaned, walking into the room and snatching the phone. Noel cursed, trying to get it from Sasha’s grasp. She put it high over her head.

“Damn you, you’re so tall!” She jumped up, trying to snatch it.

Sasha giggled, pressing the call button and putting it to her ear. “Hello? This is the coolest girl on Earth.” Mumbled sound from the other line sounded. “It’s for you.” She turned around, handing the phone to Noel, who was pouting.

“Dude, I don’t want to talk to him.” She swished the phone away.

“Too bad.” She pressed the phone into Noel’s hand. Noel cringed, flipping the middle finger to her friend. Sasha blew her a kiss and walked away.

Hesitantly, Noel put the phone to her ear, sighing. “Hello,” she said blandly.

“Noel,” Zayn breathed, voice not very clear. “Noel. I’m so happy you picked up.”

Noel put her back against the wall. “I didn’t.”

He sighed, laughing a bit. He was obviously nervous. “Are you still mad at me?”

“I don’t know,” Noel mumbled, blowing her bangs out of her face. “You really made a dick move, you know?”

“Duh.” Zayn coughed. “You never answered that question I asked yesterday.”

The question was repeated in Noel’s head all through the night, like a record that was broken. She’s been pondering about it. But, she decided to play it cool, like she was the one winning.  “What question?”

“If I was crazy would you still love me?”

Noel smirked, shaking her head. She knew she had to forget him sometime. “Remember that time I gave you a sort of hickey on your lip?”

“Um, yeah?”

“Afterwards, I said, you’re mine.”

“So, you do love me?” Relief hinted in his voice.

“You can say that.” Noel lowered her voice. “But, you better watch it.”

“I will.”

“I’m going to shower.”

“Without me?” he whined.

“Maybe next time,” Noel giggled, followed by a clearing of the throat. “But I prefer baths. More things to do.”

Zayn chuckled. “I’ll make sure to draw a bath next time.”

“Okay, Zayn.” Noel smiled. “Bye.”


Noel walked to the bathroom, stopping when she heard Sasha.

“Did you make up?” she yelled from the kitchen.

“Yeah!” Noel yelled back, smiling. She stepped in the bathroom, shutting the door. Quickly undressing, she realized she couldn’t stop smiling. Although she was very fierce while fighting, she still liked it better when they were happy. But still, 10 percent of her was afraid of Zayn’s angry side.

But the rest of her was excited for the upcoming bath with her boyfriend.

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