Poetry - Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Zayn Malik. He's sweet and caring. Never would he hurt a soul. That's his cover. His dirty past is built of lies and destruction. He finds a girl, a girl by the name of Noel. What keeps them sane? Poetry.


16. “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” - Søren Kierkegaard

Noel sat up from the couch she was sitting on with Sasha. They’d been watching television for an hour or so, totally going all out on snacks. She stretched, arms straightening over her head. “I’m going to my room,” she mumbled, setting the bowl of popcorn down on the table.

“Okay,” said Sasha, scratching her eyebrow. Noel got up, brushing off her shirt of excess crumbs. She was very curious why Sasha wouldn’t tell her anything about the break up. All she knew was Zayn hurt her in some way. She sighed, feet padding across the hardwood floor to her bedroom.

She stopped, glancing in the open door of Sasha’s room. Her door was never open. Her bedspread was made, like always, but something lay on it. Noel stepped in quietly, walking to the bed. A brown notebook with a ripped leather cover was on the bed. Noel’s hand traveled to it, eyes looking around the room to make sure she was alone. She sat on the bed, flipping open to the first page. It looked like a diary entry. She read it, eyes squinting.

I said I’d use this journal only when I needed to write something major that happens in my life. Today was major, not a good kind. I’m still in tears.

The date is March 16th, 2012. Today’s the day Zayn broke my heart, and broke me. It was after a big fight we had about us. About our relationship. I snapped at him and he didn’t really say anything. He just sort of ran away from me into his room. I knocked on his door and said for him to come out, and he did. He was really mad. I slapped him out of anger, he was such a pain. Then, he sort of went crazy. I was scared. He started yelling at me and he grabbed my arm. He bent it behind my back and it snapped. After that he stormed back into his room and locked the door. I was left crying on the floor for about an hour. When I got up, I had to call a taxi because I couldn't drive. I only had one arm to work with.

I just got out of the hospital. I lied that I fell off my bike, not that my boyfriend attacked me. I don’t know why I wanted to save him. I really wish I would have told. Now I’m sitting on my bed, writing in this. I’m still crying, I refuse to speak to him ever again. He’s a monster.

I probably won’t use this journal again.

Noel felt her jaw drop. She set the journal down, closing it. “Oh my God,” she whispered, getting up. Zayn. Zayn’s a terrible person. She stormed into the living room, where Sasha was typing on her apple laptop.

“Sasha,” she said, voice raised. “Sasha look at me.”

Sasha looked up, minimizing the page she was on. “What?”

“I read your journal.”

“You read my journal!? What the f-“

Noel stomped her foot on the ground, making Sasha stop. “Who cares if I read it? The point is what was written inside it. Why didn’t you tell me Zayn did this!?”

“I told you he hurt me! I told you he was cruel!”

“Yeah? Well you refused to tell me the whole story!”

Sasha groaned, shutting her laptop and standing up. She strode to Noel, standing about an inch taller. “Look, Noel,” she sighed. “The past is the past. Now you know why I hate him.”

Noel put her face in her palm, breathing out heavily. “I need to have a word with him.”

“You sure?” Sasha, tapped the floor with her bare foot.

“He needs to know that I know what he did to you,” Noel walked to the door, sliding her purse over an arm.

“Okay, fine.” Sasha made her way back to the couch, sitting down. “Come straight back here when you’re done. I need to have a word with you.”

“Fine,” Noel grumbled, storming out of the door. She ran to her car, taking the route to Zayn’s house. To teach him a lesson.

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