Poetry - Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Zayn Malik. He's sweet and caring. Never would he hurt a soul. That's his cover. His dirty past is built of lies and destruction. He finds a girl, a girl by the name of Noel. What keeps them sane? Poetry.


9. “I may be surprised. But I don't think I will be.”

“I may be surprised. But I don't think I will be.” - Andrew Strauss

"Noel, come here." Zayn's deep voice woke Noel from her slumber. She rolled over, groaning. She's always hated when boys saw her wake up, she was gross. She sat up, rubbing her eyes and yawning. Beauty sleep was something she needed, but got none that morning.

"Okay," she grumbled, slowly walking over to him. He was already dressed, a white tank top and black basketball shorts. He was standing in front of the open window, looking down. Noel gazed down,suddenly becoming more awake at the sight.

A man, about middle aged, stood behind the neighbor's bush. His hair was fully bald, and he had a snake tattoo on his neck, spiraling up the back of his head. He had binoculars pressed to his eyes, and used them to stare up through the open window.

"He's watching us," whispered Zayn, speaking the obvious. Noel felt like her heart just collapsed. She was truly afraid. Nothing like this ever happened to her before, but she was really glad Zayn was there.

"We should call the police," Noel said, leaving the window. "He'll- he'll." She stopped talking, at loss for words. She paced back and forth, her eyes focused on the white carpet. 

"No," grumbled Zayn, shutting the window and pulling down the blinds. He walked to Noel, placing his hands on her shoulders reassuringly. "He'll leave, I shut the window."


Zayn kissed her lips, bringing his hands to her waste. Noel's heart was beating, mostly because she was still afraid. Who know's what that man will do? He parted from her and looked into her brown eyes. The phone on the bed rang. "Excuse me," said Noel, walking to her cellphone.




It was decided, over the phone, that Noel was going to be picking up Sasha. The plan was that Sasha and Noel would drive back to Zayn’s house and just hang out. Point being was to get Sasha and Zayn friends again.  

“Sasha!” Noel said, impatiently waiting outside the door of the apartment. She knocked for the second time. “Sasha, it’s me. Open up.”

The door opened and out came Sasha, hair wet and tied in a bun. “Can’t a girl get some time to change after showering?”

“You look changed to me.” Noel glanced at Sasha’s summer dress. Sasha closed the door behind her and rolled her eyes.

“What do you want?” she said, scratching her thin eyebrow while cocking her head. 

“Please, come to Zayn’s place with me,” Noel pleaded, desperation hinting her voice. She really wanted her and Zayn to make up, it would be a miracle. For weeks and weeks they had been bickering whenever they saw each other, always snapping out rude remarks. It was hard to believe they once dated.

Annoyed and surprised, Sasha sighed, “Why in name of God would I want to go there?” She fidgeted with her watch. “You know I can’t stand him.”

Noel crossed her arms and arched her head forwards. “Exactly. You two should make up.”

“Never in a billion years.”

“You’re coming.”

After several minutes of arguing, Sasha finally gave in. She didn’t want too, but Noel wouldn’t give up.

The car pulled up on Zayn’s block, pretty far from his house. A large white van was parked nearby Zayn’s house, so they couldn’t park there.

“We’re here,” mumbled Noel as she got out of the car. Sasha got out of the other side, and by her expression, she wished she hadn’t. They started walking towards Zayn’s house.

“Now remind me,” grumbled Sasha. “why I have to be here.”


Noel was cut off, shortly and abruptly. A man’s large, muscular arms wrapped around the two girls. He strengthened his grip, the arms closing in at their necks. Noel tried to scream, but no sound came out, just a choked gag. She felt like crying and yelling and calling for help. Head pounding, she moved her eyes to see Sasha. Sasha was also choked by the mysterious man, tears running down her face, her mouth agape.

Noel felt as if her lungs would give out at any given moment, and she would fall faint. Her heart was racing, going three times the normal rate. Her head was pounding, and her eyes where involuntarily rolling back.  A deep chuckle sounded from behind her, it was obviously the man. He raised his hands to the girl’s mouths. But, his hands weren't bare. He was holding two rags, each soaking wet. The liquid was obviously chloroform, a wet material used to make people pass out. All in a matter of seconds, the rags where pressed to Noel and Sasha’s faces.


And all was black. 

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