Poetry - Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Zayn Malik. He's sweet and caring. Never would he hurt a soul. That's his cover. His dirty past is built of lies and destruction. He finds a girl, a girl by the name of Noel. What keeps them sane? Poetry.


32. “All good things must come to an end.”

“All good things must come to an end.” - Geoffrey Chaucer

Two days. Only two days where left until Zayn would leave to Paris. Noel was emotionally unstable, literally. She would find herself crying at random times. Sasha was there for her, but Noel could tell she didn’t feel the pain she was going through. Sympathy, rather than empathy. Noel was shut down in her own little world, staying close to Zayn at all times. Whenever she saw him, it was like a pained reminder. He would be leaving, and they would have to break up. She knew it was too good to be true the moment she met him.

Noel and Zayn where in his living room, sealing the last of the boxes. They sat on the floor, tired as Hell. For hours, they were packing boxes nonstop, and it was late. Noel eyed the clock; ten thirty. Her eyes wouldn’t leave her watch. Each second was a second closer to Zayn leaving.

She tried to look on the bright side. They would visit, of course, and they always had video chat. But she couldn’t look on the bright side, because there was no bright side. Nobody would be there to cuddle with her as she slept. She wouldn’t get a soft kiss each day to help her doubts. Sasha would be the only companion, and what if she moves or gets a job? Noel just didn’t know what to do.

“Noel,” Zayn said quietly. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “This is the last night together.”

She nodded slightly, snuggling up to him. “You were the best thing that ever happened to me.” She squeezed her eyes shut. “Did you know that?”

She felt him shake against her skin. They fell back against the carpet, staring at the peach ceiling. Everything was so empty. “Noel?”

“Yes, Zayn?”

“Remember the day when I presented that poem?” He pushed himself closer to her. For once, he wasn’t the one protecting Noel, but he was the one who needed to be protected that day.

“Yes,” Noel whispered. “I do.”

“When you looked at me, and waved at me… I saw something in your brown eyes. I saw a future ahead of us. I saw… I don’t even know how to put it in words.”


He hummed.

“Is there a future ahead of us?”

She knew the answer, no. But, still, there was hope. What if after college he moves back? But, what if he gets another girlfriend in college?

“Only time will tell.” His voice was pained. She kissed his cheek, feeling the familiar stubbles underneath her lips. It felt as if just yesterday he was asking her out, and she kissed his lips for the first time. She closed her eyes, and she was back in Rêve de Café, watching as the mysterious boy with the black hair recited his poem. He looked as nervous as she felt.

She remembered Sasha telling her never to date him, that he was nothing but a crazy madman. Noel didn’t believe her for a second.

“Can we just sleep here?” Her eyes slowly opened, seeing Zayn’s face, barely visible in the darkness. “We don’t need a bed tonight.”

“Of course we can sleep here. It’s your house anyway.”

“Not anymore.” The silence was painful, so Noel filled it, voice numb.

“Can you kiss me?”

Zayn paused. She continued, “I just want to feel your lips against mine again. This might be the last time we’re together alone.” She was crying, the hot tears disappearing into the carpet. Her head and throat hurt.

And then, he was kissing her again. It wasn’t a normal kiss, it was much more. It was a kiss that sent them back memories and fights, and all the good kisses in between. She shut her eyes once more, feeling every texture of every inch of his mouth, savoring it.

Because, she knew she would need to save that feeling for the lonely future.

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