One Time Fall

The names' Nubia Ortega a regular girl living with her sister and best friend it all fun and games till justin enters my picture he changes my whole life around but the thing is i didnt ask him to all these events take their turns in seperate directions they might be good or bad the only one who knows is you because your reading my story the story of my ONE TIME FALL.....


1. me, myself and I

                                let me tell you about myself im short im about 5'5 and well I have long black hair with a couple of light red stripes in it I have pale skin that is now becoming tan because of  me tanning in the sun well I live in san diego,california I use to live in Yuma,az but I moved my junior year to come live with my best friends Alexandra and Abagail my best friend Alexandra is actually my sister I love her im glad that she's my sister she has long light brown hair she's so pretty I wish I could be like her but there something about us we aren't really that much girly girls but this year is gonna change im tired of being bullyed being called ugly by the so called pouplar girls so what ive decieded to do was change my whole look so I went out and bought girly clothes and cut my hair and finally bought make up so im really excited for the first day of my senior year I wonder if things will change or will this look change me ?

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