One Time Fall

The names' Nubia Ortega a regular girl living with her sister and best friend it all fun and games till justin enters my picture he changes my whole life around but the thing is i didnt ask him to all these events take their turns in seperate directions they might be good or bad the only one who knows is you because your reading my story the story of my ONE TIME FALL.....


6. i have news

.                                                               nubias p.o.v

after I hung up the phone with Alexandra I took a shower and got ready and head downstairs

I saw Justin on the table waiting for me with the food all set up how cute

Justin : hey babe

nubia: hey smells good

Justin: thxs sit down please I need to tell you something

nubia: umm okay go right ahead *taking seat*

Justin : my manager called and he said that im leaving for a tour im really sorry but I have to go

nubia: was I just a toy to you Justin was that all you came for to have sex with me and then just leave

Justin: no! its not like that im really sorry

nubia: no Justin im sorry , have a nice life and never speak to me again * gets up and goes to front door and leaves*

Justin: nubia wait!!! * running after her *

nubia: goodbye Justin *gets a cab and leaves*

I cant belive it he just used me I may or may not have his baby ill just have to raise this kid on my own

when I got home I told everything to Alexandra she told me just to stay strong and not tell Justin about the baby she said its just for the babys best


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