One Time Fall

The names' Nubia Ortega a regular girl living with her sister and best friend it all fun and games till justin enters my picture he changes my whole life around but the thing is i didnt ask him to all these events take their turns in seperate directions they might be good or bad the only one who knows is you because your reading my story the story of my ONE TIME FALL.....


9. huh ?

                                                                    nubia's p.o.v 

i was completly frozen 

no ones p.o.v

justin: hello?

nubia: i didnt tell you because i felt that you didnt need to know

justin: nubia!!!!!!  this is my child were talking about 

nubia: im sorry i didnt wanna trouble you 

justin: i just cant believe that you would would keep something like this from me 

nubia: i know i know i messed up im sorry its not my fault 

justin: can i just take you out to eat ????

nubia: i guess sure 

justin: thank you shall we go ??

nubia: we shall 

*there walking through the mall*

justin: where do you wanna eat ??? 

nubia: i dont care im just really hungry when your pregnant you crave everything

justin: hahahah i bet you do 

nubia: you do !! hahaha like last time i ate pickles with ice cream , weird right ??

justin: yeah sorta *he chuckles and smiles*

nubia could never really resist justins smile he was just perfect to her

justin: so you wanna go to taco bell ???

nubia: 100% yes thats my favorite place to eat 

justin: hahah then we shall go 

*they get to taco bell *

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