One Time Fall

The names' Nubia Ortega a regular girl living with her sister and best friend it all fun and games till justin enters my picture he changes my whole life around but the thing is i didnt ask him to all these events take their turns in seperate directions they might be good or bad the only one who knows is you because your reading my story the story of my ONE TIME FALL.....


5. are you here to stay ?

                                                                 nubia's p.o..v

I need to find a pregnancy test now I don't wanna be pregnant im 17 I just turned 17 by the way sure I always wanted to have kids but not at this age im too young I don't even know the first thing to be a parent

Justin: you sound really sick you don't think your .....

nubia: no no no maybe it was just something I ate or maybe it was just the achohol

Justin: okay then well ima go make breakfast , get ready princess

nubia: can I take a shower I  feel really nasty

Justin: yeah sure

nubia: thxs now get out so I can shower

Justin: okay okay *he put his arms up in surrender *

once Justin left  I looked for my phone I found it and I called Alexandra I need to tell her about  this shes my sister I just hope she wont get mad at me

*phone convo*


Alexandra: hello ?

nubia: hey Alexandra I need to tell you something

Alexandra: okay go right ahead

nubia: I think I might be pregnant ...

Alexandra : what !!!!!!!!!!!!! how ? your a virgin, don't tell me you...

nubia: yes I did it with Justin okay im sorry I had no other choice I didn't wannna lose it but he was just so sweet and nice and he made me feel good you know ?

Alexandra: okay well get through this no matter what happens ill be by your side were sister and sisters stick together im not mad im just shocked by the way

nubia: your the best sister ever , you know that ?

Alexandra: ive been told

nubia: love you so much now I gotta go bye love ya

Alexandra: bye love ya too and hurry up and get home , kay

nubia: okay bye

*end of convo*

im glad she understood I really do love my sister

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