One Time Fall

The names' Nubia Ortega a regular girl living with her sister and best friend it all fun and games till justin enters my picture he changes my whole life around but the thing is i didnt ask him to all these events take their turns in seperate directions they might be good or bad the only one who knows is you because your reading my story the story of my ONE TIME FALL.....


4. a surpise ?

                              I woke up the next morning feeling very sick but I was happy knowing that justin's arm was wrapped around my waist I ran to the bathroom in a rush I made it in time and threw up in the toilet I just sat there for a minute and then felt an arm patting me on my back could this really be happening ? could I be ? no I cant be I hope im not preganant

    sorry its really short ive been really busy lately and I have company today

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