Love At First Direction

Mindy Finds her first true love and suffers alot with her family and the guy she fell for helped her out and see if she cheats on him or not! find out and read.


1. The Start

Mindys POV


Im From San Francisco, California I came home from Hooters My work i Worked there cause i needed to help out my parents ,we all counted our money together... it was about 10.000.00 ,we had saved a lot in our banking account ,we are poor we dont use our money much.. we use it for food ,we live in a tiny house 2 rooms 2 bathroom ,i was the only child in my family , i wasnt cool at school it just wrecks me, my moms name is Christa and my dads name is Mark,

When i went home i saw my mom crying i went over there .. she was hugging dad, i asked her whats wrong? We only have 10 dollars in our bank account! Christa said 

WHAT! HOW? the bank got robbed said Mark

i went to my room closed the door and threw my purse at my door and screamed "WHY DID THIS HAPPEND" "cries" i went up took my purse with me and opened the door and walked out to the hall Where are you going !? Said Christa  "OUT!" i said ''walks out of the house and closed the door''. i walked out side in the colds in till a strange guy walks pass me i accedently 

walked into him my purse fell and he picked it up for me. i saw his face and he was Harry styles from One Direction! he picked up my purse for me and i said thanks we started talking about how our day was and he told me i was beautiful, i blushed..he wanted my number so i gave him my number and he also gave me his number, He asked me if i wanted to get some coffee Tommarrow And I said Yes! i huged him good bye And walked back home, i opened my home door And sneaked back inside the house and closed the door behind me and locked it, i tiptoed back to my room and closed the door and i went on to my bed and put a big smile on my face than i went under the covers and took out my phone and set the timer to 7:30 AM so i can get ready in the morning to have coffee so i put my phone down and got relaxed and fell asleep

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