Love At First Direction

Mindy Finds her first true love and suffers alot with her family and the guy she fell for helped her out and see if she cheats on him or not! find out and read.


2. Morning Coffee

My Phone Started Beeping i waked up and got out of my bed and started to put my phone on the stereo And put on the song "What Makes You Beautiful" and i brushed my Hair, and than i brushed my teeth and started to turn on my straightener and i straighten my hair and its 7:5o i called him and asked when and where we are going to meet up at his response was "8:20 And At Star Bucks" i said Ok and put my phone back on the stereo and i started to wear my Pink tank top and skinny jeans and its 8:00 so i got my stuff and put on make up and putting jewelry on me than i have 500 cash with me so i got my keys and purse and my phone so i went out and said bye to my mom and closed the door behind me and got in my car its 8:10 right now and it takes 10 minutes to get there so i started driving there, "Ten Minutes later" I arrived at Star Bucks and i saw Harry there so i hugged him You look beautiful! Said Harry Thanks! i said so we both went in star bucks and we sat down Harry Ordered for me I asked him i wanted a Frappe and he said Okay with a Smile On his face " Im really starting to like him And he's Really a gentlemen" I thought in my head, He came back with the Frappe on his hand and he got the same thing as i do 'I smiled" i started to drink my frappe it was amazing we started talking about how our day was "10 minutes later" we got done drinking our frappe and started standing up and we threw away our cups i hugged him and he started kissing me "it was the best day of my life!" When we were done kissing we smiled at each other we walked out side of star bucks and there were so many photographers, we kissed good bye and walked to our car to drive "I WILL WRITE MORE LATER"


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