I Know You Care

Everything was going perfect in my life. Until I saw him, standing there and looking perfect. Everything would've stayed perfect if I'd never spoken to him, if I had just walked away from him.They say that good things come to those who wait. I'm getting really sick if waiting.


1. Yesterday

*Song of the chapter: Yesterday by The Beatles.*


"Ally, you need to stop being so uptight! Why don't you come out with the girls and I tonight? It's going to be fun!" my best friend, and roommate, Emmy told me.


Everyday that we got home from work I got the same lecture. Emmy was always the party one in our friendship of over ten years and I was always the steady and level-headed one. She was the one with friends while I was the one with books for friends. She had it all. I admit, I was kind of jealous but then I wouldn't have the achievements I had if I were like her.

"Emmy, I can't. I told you, I'm going on my date with Niall. It's Wednesday. Every Wednesday is date night for us, you know that."

"Then invite him! I can finally introduce you to my new boyfriend. It'll be like a double date!" She exclaimed as she fell onto the couch.

"Both of us are always so busy. I know we work in the same place, but it's hard cause he sings and I dance. Our date nights are how we stay updated other than texting and calling each other all the time. I can't. Maybe this weekend. And get off the couch! You're going to make it sweaty and nasty smelling!" I said as I shooed her off the couch.

"Fine, I'm up. I am just trying to look out for you. You and Niall are getting serious, and I'm happy for you, but I just want you to live a little bit before you get older and regret everything."

"I know, but you have to realize I am happy. I'm living my life. I'm 19, dating One Direction's Niall Horan for two months, dancing on One Direction. I'm doing what I've always wanted to do."

Instead of a spoken response, I received a nod of acknowledgment and she skipped into her room.

When Niall auditioned for X-Factor, we instantly because best friends. After being best friends for almost three years, he finally asked me out two months ago. We were celebrating our two months tonight. The only problem with dating Niall was that he always had to cancel last minute because he couldn't get out of rehearsal or he had some interview or Paul or whoever was in charge wouldn't let him come. It got tiring because we've only been together for two months. What would it be like if we got married or something?

I checked the time and saw that I only had an hour and a half until I had to meet Niall at the restaurant so I quickly ran to the bathroom where I could take a shower and not smell so fowl.



From: Niall <3

Im sorry babe but I cant make it tonight. Paul has us on lockdown. Ill make it up 2 you. Promise.

It's sad to say that I wasn't even surprised. I was more angry that I had just finished getting ready.

Right as I read the message, Emmy popped her head into the door. "You look hot! And I'm fixing to leave. Last chance to come?"

"I think I'm just going to stay in tonight. Niall cancelled again."

She sighed and made her way into my room and sat on my bed beside me, wrapping her arms around me in the process. "I know you really like him and all, but he's always cancelling on you. Come out and have fun. You look amazing, don't let it go to waste."

After a moment of thought, I agreed. I left my phone in my room, along with any thought process I had for the night.


Hey guys! It's Ana again! I've partnered up with my friend Brianna who is the author of the Love Conquers All which is in my favorites. Anyways, this is a new story and yes, I will be continuing on the What Humans Do series once I get an idea. I hope you guys like this because we spent nearly four months planning this story. I'll be updating again tonight and then it'll be Brianna's turn!

Love you guys!


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