I Know You Care

Everything was going perfect in my life. Until I saw him, standing there and looking perfect. Everything would've stayed perfect if I'd never spoken to him, if I had just walked away from him.They say that good things come to those who wait. I'm getting really sick if waiting.


8. Round and Round

*Song of the Chapter: Round and Round by Imagine Dragons*

BTW, I'm (Ana) going to see them in concert soon! FLOOR SEATS! WOOO!

To: Harry

We need to talk. Stop avoiding me. We need to get this over with. Come over to my house at four today. Emmy will be at work.

I reread the message a good ten times before I finally built the courage to send it. It was almost three and Emmy was getting ready to leave the apartment to go to work for the night. She wouldn't be home until 11 at least. Normally I'd be going with her but I decided to give my spot to someone else this week.

"You sure you have everything?" I asked her over and over. I was scared that she'd forget something and see Harry here.

"Yes! Now, will you stop asking me that! Seriously, are you planning something or what?" She asked me, clearly annoyed.

"No! I was just.. making sure! I mean, you don't want to have to forget something and have to come all the way back home and be late!"

She still didn't believe me and it was obvious that I was lying. "Okay, tell me what's going on. Now."

"Fine, I'll tell you," I took a deep breath and walked over to her bed and sat down to buy some time to think of what I was going to say. "Well, I was planning on having Niall over tonight... and... I just didn't want to be disturbed?" I finished my statement to sound like a question but luckily she got what I was implying even though I had no idea.

"Oh, I get it! No one to 'disturb' you! Got it! I'll stay out extra late! Use protection!" and with that and a wink, she closed the door and left me with a horrified expression on my face. I hadn't even realized that that was where the conversation had gone.

After about ten minutes of staring into blank air with a fading horrified face, I finally got the strength to stand and go and sit on the couch. Such an accomplishment.

I checked my phone to see if Harry had replied and to my relief, he did.

New Text!

From: Harry

Agreed. Can I come over earlier? Like now? I just want to get this over with.

I was kind of offended by the message but I wanted to get it over with too. Instead of going on a rant via text, I replied a simple 'okay' and texted Niall. If Emmy thinks he's coming over, he should at least come over for a little while.

To: Niall <3

Hey, wanna come over tonight? Hang out, watch movies, stuff our faces with foods we shouldn't be eating and what not? :)

I got an immediate reply which is normally how it works with us. He replies instantly and I reply minutes later, sometimes it's hours. I was an awful texter.

New Text!

From: Niall <3

Sure, I'll be over around 4:45, maybe 5, depends when I can get Louis and Liam home. They wanted to go to the mall and thought it'd be fun to bring me -_-

I laughed at his message because I knew he hated shopping unless it was his idea. I don't really blame him, shopping just brings sadness. Hurting feet and arms and a low balance on your credit card because all the beautiful clothes that just whisper to you to buy because they have a 20 % off stamp on them and your friends say you'll wear it all the time when, in reality, you never give it a 2nd glance once it's in your closet.

To: Niall <3

Okay, just not before 4:30 cause I won't be home until then.

I was lying to him again. I just want to come clean with him. I'm tired of this, it's hurting me that I'm hurting him and he doesn't even know.

From: Niall <3

Okay, where are you?

To: Niall <3

Jayde wanted to go out and get some food so I came with her.

From: Niall <3

Okay.. Just text me when you're home then..

He knew something was up. I always tell him when I leave the house to go out somewhere in the hopes he'll be able to meet me there.

To: Niall <3

Okay, I love you :)

From: Niall <3

Love you too <3

I couldn't do it anymore. I'm telling him tonight. I don't care what Harry wants right now, I'm telling him. He deserves it. He deserves so much better than me.

I looked at the clock and it read 4:15 and then there was a knock at the doorbell and I knew exactly who it was.


Hey guys! It's Ana! Sorry for the delay in updates! Both of us have been SUPER busy! I'm going to try and update tomorrow!



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