I Know You Care

Everything was going perfect in my life. Until I saw him, standing there and looking perfect. Everything would've stayed perfect if I'd never spoken to him, if I had just walked away from him.They say that good things come to those who wait. I'm getting really sick if waiting.


7. Mountain Sound



"Guys, I want you to finally meet Ally. Ally, this is Zayn, Liam, Louis, and you already know Harry," Niall said as he pointed to four boys who were standing with their hands held out for me to shake. I was never much of a hand shaker so instead I went up to them and said hello and hugged them except for Harry. When it came around to Harry, I just gave a nod of my head and walked back over to Niall's side.

"It's about time we met you, Niall hasn't shut up about you for nearly three years!" Liam said.

"I know, we're a bit behind on meeting each others family and friends. We're going to meet mine tomorrow, I think?" I looked over to Niall for reassurance and he nodded his head in response.

"Well, now that we've met, what should we do? Go to a movie, out to eat, shopping?" Niall asked, looking at everyone for their opinion.

We all agreed to go to eat so we went to a nice restaurant that I have no idea what the name was. When we arrived I was sat next to Niall at the end of the table and, coincidently enough, across from Harry. "So, Ally, tell us, what brought you and our little Nialler together?" asked Louis.

I hadn't really ever been asked that question so I wasn't sure of how to respond. "Well, he was really sweet and funny. I don't know, we just clicked, I suppose?"

"You suppose?"

"Yeah, I  suppose. I don't really know, I've never been asked that question."

"Well, on to the next one. Let's role play a little? You and Niall have children. Twins, a boy and a girl. What will you name them?"

"I don't know about Niall since we've only talked about a boys name, but I'd name the girl Rue Charlotte and the boy Luke Sylus."

"Good picks, you have Louis' approval." From then on, all the boys questioned me and I questioned them. It was a friendly lunch and they were really nice and I understood why Niall was so fond of them all.


"So, the boys all liked you. They've been blowing up my phone for us all to hang out again," Niall said as he laid down on the couch with me. Emmy was out of town to visit her parents for the week and Niall's family had gone back home so we thought it'd be a good idea for him to stay here to see how it'd be to live together one day. It wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be, it'd really nice actually.

"Well, they were really nice. I'd love to hang out with them again."

Niall moved from his laying down to a sitting position. "Is there something going on between you and Harry? Do you know him from somewhere? When we had lunch with Emmy and him the other day it was like you two knew each other before. And today at lunch he didn't talk much and just starred at his phone or you."

I was waiting for Niall to ask me something like that for a while so I knew what I was going to say. "Yeah, we met on X-Factor last year. We didn't talk much, we just had a mutual friend so that's it."

"Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"Well, I didn't think I had to or that it was even a big deal."

"It isn't but just tell me when stuff like that happens. I just don't like how he was looking at you. You're mine and don't forget that."

I smiled and grabbed him to pull him back to me. "I know, Niall. Are we still going to see my family tomorrow?"

I think Niall was relieved about the change of subject because he always hated to have these kind of talks. He said it made him feel too possessive but I didn't mind. "Yeah, I've got the next two weeks off so we can do whatever you heart pleases."

"Sweet. Well this heart would be pleased to watch a movie so go put one in!" Niall kissed my cheek and got up to put a movie in. While he was up, I texted Harry and told him we had to meet and talk. This guilt was eating me alive and I couldn't stand lying to Niall anymore.


Hey guys, sorry for taking to long to post something and sorry if it's kind of boring! I'm out of my home state to visit some family! Brianna is posting next!

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