I Know You Care

Everything was going perfect in my life. Until I saw him, standing there and looking perfect. Everything would've stayed perfect if I'd never spoken to him, if I had just walked away from him.They say that good things come to those who wait. I'm getting really sick if waiting.


4. I Knew You Were Trouble

*Song of the Chapter: I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift* 

Ally's POV

We were all seated at a booth in the back of the cafe and it was a bit awkward. Millions of thoughts and questions were running through my mind. What's going to happen to Emmy and Harry? Is he going to tell her? Should I tell her? I couldn't even concentrate on whatever they were laughing about, I just gave a small smile. I looked at Harry who didn't look like he was concerned about anything going on. It made me a little upset of how he could just go on like nothing happened when he knows nothing will be okay. I have to tell Emmy, I can't do this to her, she is my best friend and it wouldn't be right.

"Hey Emmy I have to go to the bathroom can you come with?" I asked.

"Umm okay" she replied. "Excuse us" she said to Niall and Harry before following me to the back.

"Listen Emmy I really need to tell you something I-" I started out but was interrupted by her.

"Isn't Harry great Ally! I'm so happy I found him he's cute and absolutely perfect! It's even better now that you have Niall and I have Harry we can go on double dates and it will be so much fun!!" She kept going on and on. "Oh I'm sorry Al what did you want to say" she asked.

"Oh uh-I-I wanted to say that-uh-I'm so happy for you Em and I think Harry is perfect for you" She smiled satisfied with my answer and went to go sit back down. I leaned against the wall my hands on my face whispering to myself. "What the hell did I just do??"

Harry's POV

Emmy came back to sit down soon followed by Ally who looked pretty upset. I tried not to think about last night. Ally was perfect, her hair, her eyes....I couldn't help but kiss her. The sad thing is I don't regret it what so ever but what if she does? Then the whole time last night she was talking about Niall...my best mate..and I kissed his girlfriend. I've really messed things up this time. I felt Emmy grab my hand and smile, I smiled back at her. Then there's Emmy a pretty girl who doesn't deserve to get hurt. 

Ally's POV

Lunch went fairly well after we came back from the bathroom, while looking at Harry he seemed a little more concerned. I felt awful about the whole situation. We said our goodbyes and I went up to kiss Niall goodbye.

"Bye Niall I'll see you later" I said and hugged him.

"See you later babe I will come pick you up around 7" He said cheerfully. I nodded and gave him one last hug before going with Emmy walking back to our apartment. I started thinking about the kiss and for some reason I don't regret it.


Sorry its short everyone but don't worry Ana will be updating very soon. Please comment, favorite, and like!! xx:)-Brianna 








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