Bisected Amber

I ran through the woods, clutching my shoulder.

"How could this have happened?" I thought to myself.

I could feel the pain of the bite seeping deeper into my flesh as I trekked on towards the light. The light was from a small house just outside the forest.

"I have to make it," I told myself, speaking over the mangled moans and pants from my pursuer. He was gaining more and more speed.

This can't be the end for me...


4. Chapter 3.5 - Flashback #1

It was unusually dark that night. Clouds had engulfed the moon and an eerie fog had settled over the safe-house I was in.

I can still hear the sounds of their screams. They were crying; they were calling my name. I shouldn't have left them there. I-I should've gone back to help.


"It's all my fault..."  


A gentle hand pushed back my sweat-matted hair, tucking it behind my ear. 

"Shh," a soft, soothing voice began to speak, "everything is going to be all right."

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