Bisected Amber

I ran through the woods, clutching my shoulder.

"How could this have happened?" I thought to myself.

I could feel the pain of the bite seeping deeper into my flesh as I trekked on towards the light. The light was from a small house just outside the forest.

"I have to make it," I told myself, speaking over the mangled moans and pants from my pursuer. He was gaining more and more speed.

This can't be the end for me...


1. Chapter 1 - The Beginning

The way things happen sometimes surprises us. I mean, we always think that things are so utterly predictable, such like relationships or movies. But the truth is, it doesn't matter what we think. Fate is fate; whether it be good or bad... I used to be one of those people. A person who thought they could predict the outcome of everything. But I was so, so wrong.




I didn't know how this could've happened. I just knew that I had to run. I could hear the breaking of twigs behind me along with the labored, gurgling pants of the things behind me. I could hear the blood bubbling up from it's lungs. I pushed my body harder, feeling the inside of my throat burning. He always used to run faster than me, not to mention that I'm asthmatic.


Lech-zi,” it growled, it’s gravelly voice calling to me. I chanced a glance behind me.


    His blonde hair was matted to his forehead in brown clots, his eyes glowing fluorescent amber. His arms were lacerated with deep, still bleeding cuts and some skin from his right cheek was missing, exposing the muscle beneath. His expression was ghastly.


I remember brushing that hair away from his face. He never could keep it out of his eyes--


    I stumbled over a tree root, tumbling into the mud. A splitting pain ran up my leg from my right ankle. Tugging of my sneaker, I maneuvered my foot out from under the gnarled wood.


I need to get back on me feet. I don’t have much time…


    I had just gotten to my feet again when a large force tackled me to the ground, knocking the breath from my fiery lungs. A rock poked painfully into my ribs as I wheezed discomfortingly. It rolled me onto my back, a long stream of bloody drool dripping lukewarm onto my left cheek.


“Please, Justin. Just let me go,” my voice was surprisingly even considering the predicament I was in.


He responded with some sort of guttural moan, the darkness of his pupils dilating. The yellow irises were such a stark contrast to the dark, dark centers.


“Don’t you remember me?” I tried to reason with it, “I’m your best friend, Lexi. We played Frisbee together just last week.”


It pressed down onto my shoulders even harder, the blood stream from it’s mouth spreading onto my forehead.


“And… and you accidentally ran into me and knocked me over. But you helped me to my feet and gave me team a point,” I continued.


    For a split second, I could see some fleck of remembrance soften the murderous glare upon it’s grey, black-veined face. For a split second, I had hope that maybe the lifeless carcass that resembled my once bestfriend would release me. Oh, how wrong I was. The memory had passed quickly and the being let out a screeching howl. Baring it’s blood-stained teeth, it’s mouth approached the sensitive skin where my shoulder meets my neck. I flung my hands at it, digging my nails deep into it’s grey flesh.


“Get away from me,” I cried, fighting off what was left of the boy I had once known. “Please,” the warm tears began to flow freely, mixing with the blood on my face.

    That was the last thing I remember before blacking out. That, and the piercing pain that came with teeth sinking deep into my flesh.

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