Forget Me Not

When the TARDIS takes the Doctor (that'd be the tenth, ladies and gents) and Rose to an obscure little cottage in the middle of nowhere, they are faced with a dangerous alien, as the Doctor always is, and the underlying relationship that all of us Whovians know exist between the Doctor and Rose comes into the light. It's the story that Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat would never give their fans the satisfaction of seeing- but that's what I'm here for. Allons-y!


11. Two Doctors

Rose was just waking up from when she had previously blacked out. She hadn't screamed herself hoarse, but she had been overwhelmed by the pain of contractions and fainted. She was forcibly woken up with a slap from her alien captor, who laughed at Rose's eyes snapping open, feeling a red mark developing across her face.

Instantly, she began calling for the Doctor again. Screaming, wailing, making as much noise as possible. Rose knew he'd come, she just had to give him some time. It seemed funny to her how the Doctor, a Time Lord, could ever need more time, but she kept calling anyway. After what felt like hours, but was really only about ten minutes, she quieted down more and more at a steady pace. She found herself murmuring his name repeatedly. She felt pathetic, and she had never more regretted eating that waffle. Still quietly calling for him, she heard the sonic screwdriver, and she looked to see if she was hallucinating. 

The Doctor busted through the previously locked door and yelled, "Hey! Step away from my girl."

His girl? Rose didn't believe what she heard, but she didn't have time to think much about it because there was a fight brewing. The alien paced around the Doctor, growling and snarling and threatening to kill him in many different ways. 

"To kill or not to kill? That isn't a question at all. The question is how. If I kill you slowly, the girl will be just as tortured as you, which would be quite entertaining, but a-"

"Her name is Rose." The Doctor had a steely look on his face. No emotions whatsoever.

"What?" The alien stood straighter and cocked its head to the side, no longer thinking about how to properly annihilate the Doctor. 

"You keep calling her 'the girl,' but her name is Rose."

"That's insignificant information. She's my prisoner, so I'll call her what I want."

"Well, I've got something of yours, too. We can do a trade. You give me Rose, I'll give you Fritz."

The alien was even more confused. "Who’s Fritz?"

The Doctor turned to the TARDIS and whistled, clapping and calling, "Fritz! Here, boy!"

Fritz came dashing out of the TARDIS and running to the Doctor. He crashed into him, even bigger than before, and demanded a scratch behind the wing before getting off of the Doctor so that he could stand again. When the Doctor regained his balance and composure, he patted Fritz on the back and said, "Fritz. This is Fritz."

The alien snarled and yelled, "You named my creation like a pet?!"

"Well, yes," the Doctor explained. "I couldn't travel with a nameless companion."

The alien angrily lunged at the Doctor, who stepped to the side, avoiding the attack and sending the alien tumbling into the nearest wall. Even more infuriated, it ran towards the Doctor again, but this time, Fritz stood up on two legs and clawed its creator, sending it flying and crumpling to a heap of broken alien on the other side of the room. Fritz turned happily to the Doctor, glad that he could help his new friend, and began to sniff out the room.

"While I'm thinking about it, did you put any Earth dog into him? He's very doggish." The Doctor couldn't help but ask about Fritz's tendency to sniff, scratch, and walk on all fours like dogs on Earth so often do.

"Yes, I did," the alien feebly. "For obedience purposes."

The Doctor laughed. "Well, that sure didn't help you in the long run, now did it?"

The alien was too injured to speak anymore, so it let its head drop to the floor with a muffled promise to seek vengeance once it had regained health.

The Doctor walked over to Rose who was covering her mouth with her hand and squirming on the table she was strapped to. The Doctor quickly unstrapped her, and she bunched up into a ball, with her eyes squeezed shut, except for when she could manage glances at the Doctor.

He could tell she was trying not to scream out in pain, to make things easier on him, when he quietly said, "I'm sorry I did this to you."

She opened her eyes and moved her hand from her mouth just long enough to gasp, "You're bringing this up now?!"

"Oh, yeah, sorry! Uhm, can I carry you? Will that hurt?"

Rose flung her arm away from her mouth and yelled, "EVERYTHING HURTS! DO IT!"

The Doctor scooped Rose up off the table as she screamed into his chest, digging her fingers deep into his shoulders as he carried her. He set her down on the floor in the TARDIS, which immediately took flight without the Doctor's piloting.

"Ahh, she knows where to go. Rose, how are you feeling? I'm going to go get a doctor-" at this, Rose gave the Doctor the look of death, "that knows more about this kind of thing. I'd rather be at this end, letting you crush my hands with your grip- did I mention you're crushing my hands with your grip?" Rose only squeezed tighter and let out a small, "I give up." The Doctor was afraid for a moment, not knowing what she was giving up on, but he found out just seconds later that she was giving up on her silence. Rose's voice filled the TARDIS as she screamed at the Doctor to get the baby out of her. The TARDIS landed, and the Doctor pried his hands out of Rose's grip as he dashed outside, looking for help. He didn't recognize the planet he was on, so he yelled, "Help! There's a woman having a baby!" 

A short, yellow man holding a blue bag full of stuff came waddling over to the doctor, saying, "I can help!"

The Doctor smiled, "Good, good- this way!"

The two quickly made their way into the TARDIS and over to Rose, who was writhing on the floor, yelling at anybody who would listen.

The Doctor knelt back down by Rose and said, "I don't know what he's about to do, I've never been good with things like this, so I'd say to just keep... breathing?"

Rose was already heaving and sweating, red in the face from screaming so loudly. She ignored the Doctor, only using him for him hands- something to hold on to.

The next few moments were so quick, but it all seemed to happen in slow motion: Rose looked at the Doctor, but not just a look. There was a deep connection between them as they faintly heard a command from their borrowed doctor, "Push!" Rose closed her eyes and gave it all she had, and the Doctor held just as tightly to her as she was holding on to him. Once, twice more, a pause for breathing, and one final try led to the sound of crying piercing the air that filled the TARDIS. Rose let her head fall to the ground, wiping sweat from her forehead and even smiling a little bit. The Doctor was caught up in his own thoughts when he finally heard, "Hey! Can I have a towel or something?"

The Doctor fumbled around looking for what was requested of him, and he gathered the things, bringing them back to the other doctor. 

"So, I never asked you your name. I'm the Doctor, this is Rose."

"I'm Benjikalamalize, but you can just call me Ben."

"Well, alright then. Thank you, Ben, for your help. It is much appreciated."

"Oh, it's not a problem, I do this kind of thing all the time on my planet. I’m a traveling doctor, just going about and helping anyone who needs me. What kind of doctor are you? And Doctor Who, don’t you have a name?”

The Doctor squirmed, quickly thinking of a way to avoid answering the question, when Rose rolled over on the floor and asked, “Doctor, can you get me a pillow? The TARDIS floor isn’t the most comfortable thing I’ve ever laid on.” The Doctor gave Ben a look like he’d better go attend to Rose, and Ben smiled and waved him away to go take care of her.

The Doctor quickly returned with a pillow, which Rose tucked under her head before sighing. 

“How are you feeling?” The Doctor tentatively asked, hoping he wouldn’t start an onslaught of screaming like he had earlier.

“Much better than I was a bit ago. I wanted to ask you, what-”

Before Rose could finish her question to the Doctor, Ben waddled over to her and placed a baby in her arms. “Congratulations,” he beamed. “It’s a boy.”


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