Forget Me Not

When the TARDIS takes the Doctor (that'd be the tenth, ladies and gents) and Rose to an obscure little cottage in the middle of nowhere, they are faced with a dangerous alien, as the Doctor always is, and the underlying relationship that all of us Whovians know exist between the Doctor and Rose comes into the light. It's the story that Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat would never give their fans the satisfaction of seeing- but that's what I'm here for. Allons-y!


18. Trillijandra

Everyone piled back into the TARDIS, full and happy. The Doctor was getting ready to set the TARDIS into motion again to go back to where they had come from, but all of the lights went out. No walkways were lit, no emergency lights came on. It was completely black.

There was quiet laughter in the TARDIS, and everyone flipped out. The Doctor took charge, saying, “Alright, keep calm. We’re all still here right? Rose?”





“You know it.”


“Of course I’m last.”

Everyone shared a nervous laugh, and the Doctor said, “It’s nothing personal. Idiot.”


Again, a communal laugh at the pretend hostility between the two, and the Doctor continued: “We all need to get close together. Walk to the center of the room and reach out for hands, grab on to whoever you find. Keep talking so that we all know what’s going on.”

Constant mumbles from everyone filled the room, until the Doctor loudly said, “I’ve got a hand!”

“So do I,” Peter replied. “Anybody else?”

“Nope, still searching,” Jack quietly said, trailing off. Rose soon squeaked, followed by a laugh from Jack, and everyone knew that the two had found each other.

“Mickey? Where are you?” Peter wanted to make sure everyone was together and safe. Nobody answered.

“Mickey?” The Doctor asked this time, a hint of worry in his voice. Still no answer.

“Ugh!” Jack sounded like he’d been punched in the gut, and their fears were confirmed when Jack followed his grunt with, “Rose? You’re not supposed to let go. And one butt grab does not warrant a hit like that.”

The Doctor quietly mumbled, “I don’t think she wanted to let go, and I don’t think she kicked you...” The Doctor held Peter’s hand in a death grip, and he felt Peter’s tight grasp in return. “Peter, hold on to me as tight as you possibly can. We all know that you’re the prime target here, I don’t know what she wants with Rose and Mickey…”

The lights all turned back on, and the Doctor looked at the hand that he was holding. It wasn’t Peter’s. It belonged to the reptilian Miss Marie. She was still firmly gripping the Doctor’s hand, looking right at him and smiling. The Doctor quickly pulled his hand away from hers, which caused her to laugh. She looked over at Jack, who was standing across the room, looking at her in bewilderment. He managed to pull a flirtatious smile and say, “Captain Jack Harkness,” extending a hand for a proper greeting.

“Oh, shove it. I’ve heard all about you. If it pleases you to know, my name’s Trillijandra, and I’m not interested.” She turned and met his wide-eyed stare. Her outfit was very revealing, even though it was meant for fighting. Jack was clearly having ideas.

She rolled her eyes and faced the Doctor again, who hadn’t let his eyes off of her. She had Rose, Mickey, and Peter, so he had to keep her at a safe distance, but still close enough to get his family back- and Mickey.

“I assume you want those humans back?” she asked, toying with the Doctor. Jack was slowly making his way over to them, but Trillijandra wasn’t paying attention to Jack anymore.

“Both the humans and my son would be nice,” the Doctor coolly replied.

“Ha. The boy stays with me. I’m not sure why I took the other two, I only really needed- what was his name, Peter? Anyhow, you can have them back. The thrill is over for me.”

Trillijandra pressed a button on her belt, and Mickey and Rose materialized next to Jack. They looked around, verified that they were okay, and hugged the nearest person, Jack. Trillijandra and the Doctor were both watching the warm exchange, but neither of them knew what was going on when Jack let go of them and yelled, “GO!”

Rose went for Trillijandra’s left, Mickey for her right, and Jack plowed straight into her. The Doctor just barely stepped out of the way before Jack had Trillijandra pinned to the ground with his body, Rose and Mickey stepping on her wrists to keep her from moving much. Jack smiled just inches from Trillijandra’s face and said, “Hello, again.” She growled, but remained mostly silent. Jack slid back and sat on Trillijandra’s knees, still smiling that perfect Captain Jack Harkness smile. She was glaring at him, and the others in the room were wondering where the heck he was going with this.

“I’m gonna have to take your belt off, Miss,” Jack slyly said, which caused Rose and Mickey to start snickering, while the Doctor face palmed.

Jack clicked Trillijandra’s belt buckle, and it fell from her waist. He pulled it out from under her, holding it triumphantly. He beamed down at her, and she was clearly not happy. He was just about to get up when the Doctor put a hand up and said, “Wait. We’ve got her where she can’t easily escape any time soon. I’d like to know a thing or two.”

Jack eased himself back onto Trillijandra, now sitting more near her hips, and said, “Go for it, Chief.”

The Doctor walked over to Trillijandra and looked at her for a few moments before asking, “What is that drug that makes him grow?” Nobody had to ask who ‘he’ was, they all knew the Doctor was referring to Peter.

Trillijandra laughed. “If you think that just pinning me down will get me to answer your questions, then you’re so wrong.”

Rose stepped a little harder on Trillijandra’s wrist, which warranted a glare, but Rose didn’t care. Mickey followed suit, and Trillijandra sighed. “Well, I can see I’m going nowhere fast. Alright. The drug is an invention of mine. I call it Bantricillo, after my father. He wanted to rule all of life, but he died an untimely death, so I carry on his dream in his honor. It’d be nice to unite every living being under one ruler, which would be me.”

The Doctor frowned and said, “You’re getting off topic. What will it do to Peter?”

“He’ll grow to his pivotal point of physical strength and ability, and then he’ll stop growing so quickly and age normally like he would as if he had never consumed the Bantricillo.”

The Doctor and Rose both let out little sighs of relief. Rose interrupted the Doctor’s thoughts by asking, “What will it do to the Doctor?”

“Nothing, anymore. While he was knocked out, I injected him with an antidote so that he wouldn’t be able to tell when Peter was growing anymore. Once I took him, I wanted you all to assume he was dead so that you’d leave me to my business.”

“Was there anything other than antidote in that injection?” Rose’s voice was getting edgy.

“No. I won’t feel victorious when I kill him if I’ve already began to poison him. It won’t be a real battle.”

The Doctor returned to his questioning position. “What makes you think I’ll fight you?”

Trillijandra smiled. “What makes you think Peter is okay right now?”

Rose shot a look at the Doctor, who nodded and continued. “Well, we’re still not done here. Why did you have a bed and breakfast out in the middle of nowhere?”

“I’m assuming you want the full story, then?”

“Well, I want to know why everything was made from the metal of Satellite 5, and why you disguised yourself as a human, and why there was a blizzard with flowers still in bloom, and then no sign of it ever occurring. So yeah, the full story.”

“The human was a cheap trick. I researched common human names and combined two of them so that you’d believe me, also having a nickname. I already tried to take over Satellite 5, but when they refused to bow to my power, I blew it all up. I collected the metal and built a perfect trap for the two of you. Cozy, comfortable, and perfect for getting what I needed- that baby.”

Trillijandra paused to look at everyone’s awkward reaction to her explanation. She laughed, and continued. “The blizzard was to make you come inside. I didn’t bother killing the plants because I knew you’d come inside anyway, to investigate. Another invention of mine, I have a machine that can control the weather around it for as far as I need. A blizzard strong enough to barely be seen through didn’t need to be that large, so I went with it. I prefer the better weather, so I fixed things the next day. Anything else you need to know while you’ve got him sitting on me?” She nodded towards Captain Jack, who was happy he could help.

The Doctor thought about it for a moment and asked, “Are there any drugs still in Rose from when you had her under that lab?”

Trillijandra shook her head. “No, nothing that will hurt her. Like I said before, I kept her perfectly healthy so that Peter would be the best that he could be.”

“Good. Is there anything specific about Peter that I should know? Any deviations from the standard human or Time Lord genetics?”

“Not really. He’s got two hearts, both function just fine. There is a distinct presence of Time itself in him, I’m not really sure how to explain it. He’s very closely linked with this thing,” she said, nodding to the TARDIS. “I’m not sure about regeneration, though, and I didn’t want to test that out.”

The Doctor nodded and kept quiet. He looked at Rose, as if to silently ask if she had any more questions. She thought for a moment and shook her head.

“I’ve got a question,” Jack boldly said.

Everyone in the TARDIS groaned, expecting some sort of allusion to getting him and Trillijandra on a date, but Jack asked, “What does everything on that belt do? And how do I get your connection to controlling the TARDIS completely offline?”

Trillijandra grunted and said, “That red button will cause the belt to self destruct in one minute. I put it as a safety feature just in case somebody else got their hands on me… Or their entire body.”

“Sweet. Doctor, would you do the honors?”

The Doctor took the belt, pressed the button, and tossed it outside the TARDIS door. A soft boom was heard through the door, and when the Doctor looked outside again, it was gone.

“Are there any other ways for you to control the TARDIS?” Jack leaned close, towering over Trillijandra so that he could closely analyze her response, looking for a hint that she might be lying.

She looked right into Jack’s eyes and flatly replied, “No. I wish I was that prepared.”

Jack stared at her for a moment and then sat back up, taking her word for it. “Alright. I’m good. Anybody else care to ask the lady a couple questions?”

Everyone shook their heads, and Jack looked up at the Doctor. “What should we do with her? Just let her go?”

“Yeah. We’ve got to be nice to her if we want Peter back.”

Jack rolled off of Trillijandra, and Mickey stepped off of her wrist. Rose gave her a steely glare before letting up on her, and Trillijandra rose with ease.

“Glad I could help you all sort things out. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go train a soldier.” She pushed the button on the transporter she wore on her wrist, and she was gone.

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