Forget Me Not

When the TARDIS takes the Doctor (that'd be the tenth, ladies and gents) and Rose to an obscure little cottage in the middle of nowhere, they are faced with a dangerous alien, as the Doctor always is, and the underlying relationship that all of us Whovians know exist between the Doctor and Rose comes into the light. It's the story that Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat would never give their fans the satisfaction of seeing- but that's what I'm here for. Allons-y!


16. The Captain and the Idiot

After finding clothes that fit him better, Peter walked back down the lit pathway and towards the door of the TARDIS. He turned before exiting to look at his father one last time, and he knew that the TARDIS would keep her promise and protect him. His only option was to trust her, anyway, since his parents were both unable to help Peter at the moment.

He quickly turned and walked back over to the Doctor, saying, “I’ll be back, Dad. She’ll protect you, don’t worry.” He tightly hugged his father and returned to the TARDIS door.

He pushed open the door and walked outside. He expected to see the café that his mom was at, but instead he saw a rocky wasteland. The ground was cracked in many places, and in the distance he saw a volcano with lava flowing quickly and freely, slowly cooling all around. Peter watched where he stepped so as not to fall into a cooling blob of lava. It was very hot out, but he knew the TARDIS wouldn’t lie to him; he was safer out here than in there.

Peter found a long rock that he used as a walking stick, poking things that he wasn’t sure whether or not they were safe to walk on. He didn’t have an end goal in mind, but he found himself walking towards the ominous volcano… and far away from the TARDIS.


Back inside the TARDIS, the Doctor woke up. He looked around, seeing the piece of bloodied cloth that was once on Peter’s knee, but Peter was nowhere to be seen. The Doctor was instantly worried. He tried to quickly stand up, but he felt a strong pain on the back of his head where he had been hit and crumpled to the ground again. He remembered the last few moments before he was knocked out and gasped. Peter was gone, but the last thing the Doctor knew, he was knocked out. Had he been taken? Had he woken up and ran off into the TARDIS? Had he went outside in search for help? All of this flashed through the Doctor’s mind within seconds, but he noticed the lit walkway to the closet and was inclined to look there first.

The Doctor slowly stood up, holding the TARDIS for support. He put a hand up to feel where he had been hit, and it was tender to the touch. The Doctor could feel a bump forming. He sighed as he walked towards the closet in search of Peter. He didn’t notice the little yellow tendrils of light curling around his head where he had been hit, soothing the pain and the bump away.

When the Doctor saw the closet, he knew that Peter had been there. Clothes were all over the floor, shelves were completely untidy, and the things he was wearing earlier were in a little pile near the doorway. If the Doctor had to guess, he would’ve said that Peter followed the lit pathway to the closet to put on bigger clothes so that he could move around more easily than before. He turned and left, smiling at the fact that Peter was at least okay enough to make a proper mess.

Back in the main control room, the Doctor was thinking about what to do, pacing and snapping his fingers, hoping that an idea would come to mind. As he turned to make another round of pacing and snapping, the door of the TARDIS swung open. The Doctor heard the creak of the hinges and peeked over his shoulder. The next thing he knew, he was enveloped in a huge bear hug.

“Doctor, it’s good to see you again!” Captain Jack Harkness let go of the Doctor and beamed at him. Stepping out from behind Captain Jack, Mickey Smith waved a hand and also greeted the Doctor with a soft, “Hey.”

The Doctor scoffed. “‘Hey’? Captain Jack Harkness attacks me with a hug, and all I get from Mickey the Idiot is a ‘hey’? C’mere!”

Mickey warmly approached the Doctor and they shared a short man hug, complete with a hard pat on the back. Before the Doctor could ask what they were doing there, Captain Jack cut in and said, “Oh, Doc, I think we’ve got something of yours.”

The two men stepped aside and the Doctor saw a teenage version of himself, with hints of Rose about him. He gasped. “Peter!” he yelled, grabbing him and squeezing the breath out of him in an extremely tight hug. The Doctor let his son go but still grasped his soldiers when he asked, “Where the hell have you been? And why have you grown again? I didn’t feel a thing this time!”

Peter smoothly said, “Calm down, Dad. Mickey and Jack found me when I was walking around outside. It’s kind of a long story, but the only really weird thing about it is that you didn’t feel me grow again. What happened to you while I was gone?”

Captain Jack gave the Doctor a look and asked, “I’d like to know what happened while I was gone.” Mickey snorted, and the Doctor blushed. He turned to Peter and asked, “He didn’t ruin you, did he?” nodding to Captain Jack, who was smiling with his hands on his hips.

“No, but I think he plans to.” Peter smiled and looked back at Jack, who was still posing for the Doctor.

Everyone laughed, and Mickey was the first to break the silence afterwards. “Where’s Rose?”

The Doctor’s jaw dropped and he looked at Peter, who had grown twice since Rose had last seen him. He slowly, quietly said, “Oh, no.”

Mickey and Jack exchanged a worried look, and Peter explained, “She’s still at a little café getting the three of us lunch. Looks like we’ll all have to go together, now.” Peter laughed, but no one else joined in. They were all aware of how angry Rose would be. The Doctor was worried about what she’d think of Peter, Mickey was worried about what she’d think of his sudden reappearance, and Captain Jack was worried that she wouldn’t be wearing a low-cut shirt.

The lights suddenly flicked back on in the TARDIS, and the Doctor was past questioning. Too many unordinary things, even for his completely unordinary lifestyle, had been happening lately, so he just went with it. He set the TARDIS to go back to the café. While they were in mid-flight, he told Peter to go get dressed again, since his clothes were practically bursting at the seams. Peter walked off into the TARDIS, and the three men stood around the center console.

“So, Doctor,” Captain Jack started. “…Rose?”

“Oi! That’s none of your business!” The Doctor’s face was redder than ever.

“Well, it’s kind of mine,” Mickey said. He was sort of right, Rose ditched him for the Doctor, so the least he could do was to tell him how things are.

“Fair point. Okay. We’ve snogged a few times, and once things got a bit-”

“OH, DOCTOR!" Captain Jack was beaming. He clapped him on the shoulder and said, “Nice!”

Mickey looked very uncomfortable. Staring at the ground, he mumbled, “Once? And you have a son?”

The Doctor put a hand on his neck to try to smooth things over and said, “Yeah. It was kind of forced by another alien, she wanted to take him and use him as a weapon to conquer every civilization in existence. Apparently a Time Lord-human hybrid is great for that sort of thing.”

Mickey looked up at the Doctor, seemingly ashamed for being rotten a few moments ago. “Oh, sorry. That’s unfortunate.”

“Well, no, Peter’s great, it’s just the-“

“Right, yeah, I get what you mean.”

The conversation quickly descended into a level of awkward that even Jack wasn’t going to try to salvage. Thankfully, Peter returned within moments of the settling silence and said, “Is this better?”

He was wearing a pair of tan cargo shorts, which showed the Doctor that his knee was perfectly healed, and a black polo shirt. His hair was a little messy; with each growth spurt it had grown a bit more. His outfit was complete with stylish black Vans. It was enough to make any teenage girl drool.

Captain Jack was proud of Peter’s ability to pick out a nice ensemble and gave him the nod of approval. The Doctor said, “Yes, much better. Now, let’s go get Rose.”

The four men walked over to the TARDIS door, and just as it shut behind them, maniacal laughter could be heard from deep within the TARDIS.

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