Forget Me Not

When the TARDIS takes the Doctor (that'd be the tenth, ladies and gents) and Rose to an obscure little cottage in the middle of nowhere, they are faced with a dangerous alien, as the Doctor always is, and the underlying relationship that all of us Whovians know exist between the Doctor and Rose comes into the light. It's the story that Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat would never give their fans the satisfaction of seeing- but that's what I'm here for. Allons-y!


15. Little Soldier

Peter was awake again before the Doctor. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was his dad in a heap halfway on top of him. He poked him, wondering if he was playing, but there was no response. Peter poked the Doctor again, harder this time, and the Doctor fell back against the center controls, sitting up but still knocked out. Peter’s hearts started to beat faster, and he began to worry.

“Daddy? Are you sleeping?” With no response again, Peter assumed he was correct. When he tried to stand up, however, he felt something funny in his knee. It was a sharp feeling, and he didn’t really like it. Having never experienced pain, he didn’t know how severely injured he was.

There was a bloody strip of cloth from the Doctor’s sleeve sticking to Peter’s knee. Peter peeled it off and looked at his knee for the first time with curiosity, surprised to see a bunch of red with just a little bit of white in the middle. He touched the white, and a shot of pain went out all through his leg. He let a soft “Ow,” escape before touching his wound again.

This time, Peter was ready for the pain, and he poked the white again. He noticed it was hard, and he assumed it was his bone. Before he could continue poking and prodding, however, the lights under the walkway towards the closet of the TARDIS came on. The room was still barely lit, but the walkway was clearly a clue for Peter. He wondered what caused the lights to come on.

“Hello?” Peter called down the hallway. Silence greeted his call with a sort of warmth, and Peter felt like he wasn’t alone. He closed his eyes to soak up the feeling, taking in the perfection of the moment. His mind was suddenly flashing images, accompanied with feelings and sounds that Peter knew were only in his head.

First, he saw nothing, but he felt warm and secure. He heard his mom’s voice saying “Doctor” repeatedly, as if she was tired. There was another voice, also familiar, but he couldn’t identify it off the top of his head. Then, he felt a warm, yellow light pulsing and wrapping around him, accompanied by the noise that only came from the TARDIS. Peter smiled, recognizing the fact that the TARDIS noise was his favorite noise. His mind flashed to only seeing the big, yellow light, flowing and pulsing and moving in all directions yet still staying in one place. He heard his dad excitedly yell, “Allons-y!” and the TARDIS door slammed shut. Peter heard a voice coming from the light, but he couldn’t quite make out what it was saying. He concentrated all of his efforts on making out the words, and finally he heard:

“You can do it, think! There you go. You can hear me now, right, Peter?”

Peter was confused. He didn’t know whether he should respond, but he said, “Yes,” nonetheless.

“It’s me. The TARDIS. Can you see me?”

Peter’s jaw dropped, he couldn’t believe he was actually talking to the TARDIS. He said, “Yes, I can see you. You’re a big, yellow light. Like a ball of… stuff.”

The TARDIS laughed and responded, “You could say that. You’re the perfect combination of your parents, Peter. You’ve got the mind of your father, the determination of your mother, and the courage of both of them combined. Because of how often your parents have traveled through time, I have become a part of them. I’m now an even bigger part of you. You and I are linked, Peter, in the core of our existences. I can contact you because of how close we are. This will be the only time we speak, though. Any future contact will have to be made some other way.” 

Peter couldn’t help but say, “Awww, why?” 

“It takes a lot of energy for me to fully connect to your mind. You can read and understand and speak any language because of how close we are; I can translate everything for you like I do for your parents. I can put your thoughts into words, but it’s very difficult for me to think for you or project my being onto you. That’s not important at the moment, though. I’ve lit the way for you to go to the closet and find clothes to fit you better. Once you get dressed, you need to get outside. When you’re out there, you’ll be on your own. The person who shot you is still in here, and she is very dangerous. You’ll be safer outside. Don’t worry about your dad, I’ll do everything I can to protect him. Do you have any questions?”

Peter thought before asking, “Can you see into the future? You travel through time, so you must be able to see what’s gonna happen when and where you land.”

“Yes, I can,” the TARDIS replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Well,” Peter started, “I was kind of wondering if we win.”

“What do you mean?”

“This alien girl. She’s the bad guy. Me and Mommy and Daddy are the good guys. We’re fighting, that’s why the bad guy has a gun and she’s hiding. So… we’re gonna win, right?”

Even though Peter couldn’t see a face, he knew that the TARDIS was smiling. “If I tell you, then winning wouldn’t be any fun, would it?”

Peter thought and replied, “No, I guess not. But Mommy and Daddy will be okay, right? They won’t get hurt?”

“They’ll be fine. Don’t worry about them. But while we’re talking about it, here…”

Peter felt tingling in his knee, and he opened his eyes to see what was happening. Little tendrils of yellow light were slowly wrapping around his knee and glowing. They grew to be a bright light, and then they quickly faded. Peter’s knee was perfectly healed, there wasn’t a sign of there ever being a gash at all. 

Peter closed his eyes again. The TARDIS light was still there. “Thank you,” he softly said.

“You’re welcome, Peter. I can’t hold our connection for much longer, so this is goodbye. Good luck, little soldier. Go win one for the good guys.”

The light in his mind was fading, but Peter wasn’t ready to let it go. “Wait!” he cried. “Don’t go, I still have questions! How am I gonna save my dad? Where do I find you if I need you again? Please, don’t go!” The light had faded, but the warm, safe feeling was still there. 

Peter felt tears coming to his eyes, but he knew he had a mission. He sniffled once, wiped his eyes, and stood up with a newfound determination. He knew what he had to do, and he was going to do it, like a good soldier would.

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