Forget Me Not

When the TARDIS takes the Doctor (that'd be the tenth, ladies and gents) and Rose to an obscure little cottage in the middle of nowhere, they are faced with a dangerous alien, as the Doctor always is, and the underlying relationship that all of us Whovians know exist between the Doctor and Rose comes into the light. It's the story that Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat would never give their fans the satisfaction of seeing- but that's what I'm here for. Allons-y!


14. Gun

The Doctor turned and began to fly into the future to pick up Rose from getting lunch. Flicking switches, pushing buttons, turning knobs, and occasionally letting Peter help fly the TARDIS was just handiwork for the Doctor as his mind was elsewhere. He had suddenly remembered when Rose left that their enemy had sworn to get back at the Doctor and his family for thwarting its plan to use Peter as a soldier/weapon. He was worried that they’d be attacked without notice, without time to prepare to fend for themselves…

The Doctor stood back and let the TARDIS do her thing, knowing that the ride would be quick and smooth. However, with a sudden jolt, both the Doctor and Peter were thrown to the floor. All of the lights in the TARDIS turned off, everything had completely shut down.

The Doctor regained his senses and immediately reached out a hand in the dark, hoping to find Peter. “Peter, are you okay?” he asked, hoping for the best.

“Yeah, I think so. I can’t see anything, though. Where are you, Daddy?” Peter was very calm when he sat up, not noticing the gash in his knee because he’d never been hurt before.

The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver and shined the light towards where he heard Peter’s voice come from. He gasped as he saw a fully healed “Miss Marie” standing behind his son, wielding a gun. The Doctor yelled, “Peter!” but it was no use, she already had Peter in her grasp. Holding Peter by his neck and pointing the gun at his head, she spat, “Get up,” at the Doctor, looking down on him, knowing that she had him tied. The safety of Peter was enough to get the Doctor to do whatever she wanted.

The light of the sonic wasn’t doing it for “Miss Marie,” so she hit a button on her belt and the emergency lights of the TARDIS came on. The main control room was dimly lit, but the Doctor could see well enough by the light that Peter was silently terrified.

The Doctor tried to say something to make Peter feel better, but for the first time in a very long time, no words came to him. He stood in silence, being forced to look at the blood spilling from Peter’s knee and the tears falling from his young, pale cheeks. 

“Daddy, what’s happening?” Peter’s voice was almost inaudible.

The Doctor didn’t know what to say to Peter, so he addressed his captor: “Please, let him go.”

The alien holding the child laughed and threw him to the ground. Peter crawled over to the Doctor, standing up only to fall again when he grew once more, also sending the Doctor to the ground in a ball of searing pain. Peter was the first to stand, now looking ten years old. He turned towards the gun aimed at him, not aware of the danger he was in. He pointed to the gun and asked, “What does that do?”

The Doctor tried to get up before anything could happen to Peter, but he heard the shot before he had even sat up. The Doctor sprang into action, motivated by a raging fire in his heart, hoping that it was a misfire, that Peter was okay, but when he saw Peter laying on the floor, he knew he was too late.

Crying without holding back, the Doctor rocked a limp child in his arms, begging him to come back, to wake up, to say something, anything…

“Oh, shut up. He’s not dead, just unconscious. This gun only knocks people out, the blood is from his knee. You’d better fix that, Daddy, it looks pretty bad.” “Miss Marie” wasn’t disguised anymore. She stood upright, a reptilian being dressed in a combat uniform, complete with a belt of buttons and remotes, which the Doctor assumed were wired to the TARDIS. 

“Why are you doing this?” The Doctor worked to stop the blood flowing from Peter’s knee, his skin was torn even more when he grew. He paused to tear a strip of cloth from his sleeve to tie around Peter’s leg to slow the blood, but out of the corner of his eye he saw the alien moving about the TARDIS. The Doctor turned to get a better look, but he was hit on the head with the butt of the gun that Peter was shot with. As the Doctor crumbled, the alien laughed at how easy it was to get the upper hand on the Doctor. She bent over him, out cold, and softly cooed, “Sleep tight, Daddy. Hope your head doesn’t hurt too much when you wake up!”

She turned with a smile and walked deep into the TARDIS, knowing just where to hide until her next attack.


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