Forget Me Not

When the TARDIS takes the Doctor (that'd be the tenth, ladies and gents) and Rose to an obscure little cottage in the middle of nowhere, they are faced with a dangerous alien, as the Doctor always is, and the underlying relationship that all of us Whovians know exist between the Doctor and Rose comes into the light. It's the story that Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat would never give their fans the satisfaction of seeing- but that's what I'm here for. Allons-y!


20. Glass Bottles

The Doctor remembered the promise that he had made to Rose when Peter was still a baby. He told her that he’d do everything in his power to keep his family safe. Now, the terrible noises coming from Fritz and the screams coming from Peter were threatening to be the breaking point of that promise.

Mickey and the Doctor were both running at full speed to get to Peter. Rose wasn’t far behind, and all of them were scared out of their minds. Peter’s screams were dying down, which only made them run faster.

He was in a horrible condition. There were numerous gaping holes in his body where Fritz had bitten into him and torn his flesh apart. His clothes were more like rags, and his breath was shaking. Fritz was close to finishing him off.

Mickey had a gun hidden in his jacket, which he pulled out and fired at Fritz. He turned to face Mickey, who was still showering Fritz with bullets. A growl and a lunge was all it took to silence the gun. Rose cried out, thinking that Fritz had crushed Mickey when he pounced on him, but a final bang from the gun came from underneath Fritz, and he rolled over, finally defeated.

Mickey was barely scratched, so he quickly got up and brushed himself off before running over to Peter, where everyone else was. A high-pitched scream was heard in the distance, and Captain Jack Harkness arrived moments later.

“I couldn’t leave her to suffer, she was beaten pretty badly,” he muttered, not knowing who had put Trillijandra in such a deathly condition.

The corners of Peter’s mouth turned up a bit, not only smiling because Jack was alive, but also because he had been the one to defeat Trillijandra. Jack had only killed her because she was waiting for death to come, so he made her wait a bit shorter.

Peter’s vision was blurry, his eyes were watering due to the immense amount of pain that he was experiencing, although a part of him was also crying tears of joy because he had all of his family back. He took in his surroundings, concentrating on all of the little details. His mother was the closest to him on his right, with his father right behind her. She was silently weeping, but she was still smiling at him, trying to lighten the heavy mood. The Doctor’s face clearly showed concern.

On his left, Peter saw Mickey and Jack both crouching like his parents were. Jack was giving him a look like he was proud of him, and Mickey seemed to be lacking all emotion. Maybe the shock of it all had finally gotten to him.

A twinge of pain caused Peter to curl up, twisting to his right a bit and holding himself together with his left arm. Rose grabbed his right hand and held it close to her, trying not to cause Peter any more pain than what he was already experiencing.

Jack looked at the Doctor. His eyes were sad, and he could only mutter a weak, single-worded question.


The Doctor looked down and shook his head. “I don’t know.” He looked back at Peter and asked him, “Peter, can you feel yourself healing at all? Anything repairing or fixing itself?”

Peter tried to laugh, but he ended up with a deep, painful cough. When the coughing died down, he muttered a weak, “No.”

The Doctor closed his eyes and sighed. He was fighting back tears, Peter could tell. The Doctor tried to ask again, “Do you feel warm at all? Not like the temperature, but like it’s coming from within?”

Peter silently shook his head, thinking back to the conversation he and the TARDIS had shared. She told him that his parents would be okay. She told him that she’d protect them as well as she could. She told him to go win one for the good guys.

Rose turned to look at the Doctor, clearly panicked. Mickey reached out and touched her shoulder as a comforting gesture, and she smiled through her tears back at him. The Doctor sighed and asked, “Do you think you can try to regenerate?”

Peter closed his eyes, thinking of the yellow light that he talked to. He thought of growing, of healing the gash in his knee. He took a deep breath, held it in for a moment, and sighed, knowing that nothing was going to happen.

He opened his eyes again and looked at his dad. The Doctor could tell that Peter couldn’t do it, he couldn’t regenerate. He sighed and held the hand that Rose was already holding, his grasp light but meaningful. Peter felt like he was letting everyone down. A single tear ran down his cheek as he breathed, “I’m sorry.”

The Doctor shook his head and replied, “No, this is my fault. I should have been more careful, I should have paid better attention to everything that was happening. I should have taken better care of you, all of you.” He met eyes with everyone that was sitting with Peter, ending with Rose. She was bawling now, covering her mouth with her free hand.

She turned back to Peter, who had become pale and weaker than ever before. He could barely hold on to her hand. He smiled at her and said, “Mom. You’re gorgeous.”

Rose smiled, tears falling down her face at the sight of her little boy calling her gorgeous when he was barely in one piece. Peter looked at his dad and said, “Take care of her.” The Doctor nodded, knowing that there was nothing he could do to save Peter anymore.

Peter turned to Jack and Mickey, who were both struggling with holding back their tears and sobs. Peter smiled and said, “Don’t forget to call her, Jack. Take her out somewhere nice.” Jack smiled and replied, “Will do,” patting the paper in his pocket with the kiss and the phone number on it.

“And Mickey, you’re one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. You’re not an idiot at all. I’m sure you’ll end up somewhere great doing something to make all of us proud.”

Mickey and the Doctor exchanged a look and a short laugh. Peter looked at everyone around him again and said, “You guys are my family. I’m so glad that I could spend my life in your company. I love you.”

Any resistance to crying was given up, and everyone was a sobbing mess. They all responded with their ‘I love you’s and their promises to make Peter proud and do the things that he had asked them to do. Peter took in his surroundings one last time and smiled, closing his eyes and sighing. His hearts had stopped, but his smile was still there as a light reminder that he had lived a happy life.

Rose looked expectantly at Peter, waiting for a yellow light to come shooting out from all of his limbs, resulting in a perfectly healed and brand new body. However, when his hand fell limply from hers, she knew it was over. He had said his goodbyes, made his final requests, and now her son was dead.

She cried, cradling his body in her lap and rocking him. The last time she held him was before he walked for the first time. His life was only hours long, yet he had learned so much and became so smart and experienced so many adventures. She remembered his first words, his first flight in the TARDIS, and the way he thought everything was cool. She thought of the time that she was at the café while the TARDIS was captured by Trillijandra, missing out on an entire part of his life. Now, it was all over, and she was left with her lifeless, mangled child in place of the newborn baby she had held not even a day ago.

The Doctor was silent, as well as Mickey and Jack. The glow from the volcano reflected off of Peter’s face, making him look less pale than he really was. The Doctor silently stood up and walked away, back towards the TARDIS. Nobody questioned him, they just let him go. Jack and Mickey wrapped Peter up in Mickey’s jacket and carried him back to the TARDIS with Rose slowly following them. She had descended into silence, keeping her distance and not showing any more emotion.

In the TARDIS, the Doctor had walked deep into the endless hallways, looking for a room for him to work things out in his mind. He opened random doors, searching for a good place, and finally he found it. The room had many different kinds of tables scattered about. Each table held many glass containers of all colors, shapes, and sizes. The Doctor picked up the nearest bottle, a tall, thin yellow vase, and smashed it against the wall. The vase shattered and pieces fell to the ground, showering the Doctor with little shards of glass. He walked deeper into the room, still furious at his situation, and found a long table lined with about twenty jars and bottles and cups. He swept his arm across the table, sending the glass flying and breaking all around the room. The Doctor’s hand was bloody, but he didn’t notice. His head was reeling, he still couldn’t believe that Peter was gone.  He had failed to protect his family. He sank to his knees, kneeling in broken glass, and began sobbing uncontrollably. He knew that once he left that room, he would be done crying, and he would be strong for Rose and for Peter.

But Peter-


The Doctor interrupted his own thoughts with a shout and another smash of glass, unable to say in his mind that Peter was dead. He knew that he’d never forget, and that he’d learned his lesson. His family on Gallifrey, his old life- that was long gone. His children and grandchildren were still a large part of him, and he often thought of them and how much he missed them. He promised himself that he’d never let something like that happen again, where the people he held closest to him were taken away. But time and time again, companion after companion, friend after friend, he became a lonely man once more. The Doctor’s mind was so clouded over with all these raging thoughts that he had to speak out loud to himself to get anything straight.

“Rose. Rose Tyler. That girl… amazing, yes, but look what she did to you. You let your guard down one time. You pledged yourself to her, hoping that things would be different, that you wouldn’t be like this anymore, but look. Look at you now. Peter… Bloody hell, what have I done? I promised to protect them, and now, look. Look! Look at what a sorry man you’ve become! You knew this would happen. You knew deep down that something would happen. You went and had a child, and now he’s dead!”

The Doctor paused and stifled a sob before breaking and muttering through tears, “He’s dead.”

The Doctor had stopped bleeding, but he was still in pain. He didn’t feel anything but pain. The holes in his hands that were filled with glass were nothing, but the hurt inside of him from knowing that this was all his fault was too much to bear. He fell to his knees once more and cried, letting it all out, knowing that when he got up he was going to rejoin the others in the TARDIS and find Peter a safe resting place.

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