Forget Me Not

When the TARDIS takes the Doctor (that'd be the tenth, ladies and gents) and Rose to an obscure little cottage in the middle of nowhere, they are faced with a dangerous alien, as the Doctor always is, and the underlying relationship that all of us Whovians know exist between the Doctor and Rose comes into the light. It's the story that Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat would never give their fans the satisfaction of seeing- but that's what I'm here for. Allons-y!


19. Fallen Hero

Jack took a remote out of his pocket and handed it to the Doctor.

“Thank you,” the Doctor coolly said.

Rose and Mickey exchanged a look before Mickey asked, “What’s that?”

“I stuck a tracker on her leg when I was sitting on her, so now we know where she’s going. I always have one handy, just in case moments like this one come up. The Doctor has seen me use it before, so he knew my plan before I even executed it.”

“And it was a bloody good one, too. Sometimes it pays to be known as the guy who gropes people. Placing a tracker is much more subtle when it’s confused for a good grope.” The Doctor laughed and set the TARDIS in motion to follow Trillijandra.

The TARDIS landed, and they all walked outside. They were on the same planet as they were earlier, with the cracked ground and oozing volcano, but this area of land was solid rock. No lava was flowing from under their feet. In the distance, they could see Trillijandra and Peter, along with some other alien creature.

The Doctor smiled. “Fritz!” he exclaimed. Everyone looked at him funny, so he explained, “That creature over there is a friend of mine. I call him Fritz.”

“Ahh, yeah, I vaguely remember him. I’m afraid I was busy giving birth at the time, so I can’t say I remember too much.” Rose smiled at the faces the men made, and they all started walking towards Peter, Trillijandra, and Fritz.

Rose was admiring the view of the volcano from where they were. It was fairly close, the light from the lava flowing down the sides was enough to light up the land around them with an orange-yellow glow.

They neared the others and began to slow down. Trillijandra turned and gasped, she had thought she’d gone where they wouldn’t follow her. Jack smiled and pointed at her leg, and she plucked the little red light from in between her scales, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it.

They were close enough that they didn’t have to shout to talk, so Jack said, “Oh, come on. Now I’ve got to go grab another one from my place when we’re done here.”

Trillijandra smiled and sarcastically replied, “Sorry.”

Peter seemed groggy, but he was awake and able to focus enough that he stood up from his seat on a rock and outstretched his arms, waiting to be attacked with hugs. He started to walk forward, but he lost his balance and sank to the ground. Rose gasped and ran to him. She picked him up so that he could sit up against the rock, made sure he was okay for the moment, and turned to Trillijandra, shouting, “What have you done to him?”

“It’s the after-effect of traveling for the first time with one of these,” she pointed to the transporter on her wrist. “Don’t worry about it.”

Rose stood up and stomped over to Trillijandra, looking her straight in the eye when she yelled, “‘Don’t worry about it?’ I have absolutely no reason to worry! Why would I worry about my son when some crazy alien tried to take him from me multiple times? Why would I worry when I see him, and he’s so out of it that he can’t even walk? Everything is perfectly fine, Trillijandra, and I must be insane for thinking that I should be worrying!”

Trillijandra backed away with her hands up, saying, “If you would have just given him to me in the first place, we could be done here. However, if you want to spit fire, then I’ll fight right back.” Trillijandra punched Rose square in the jaw, which sent her spinning.

All three of the guys there immediately ran to her aid, while Peter slurred, “Mom, I’m, I’m fine, really, I’m g- I’m good.”

Rose touched where she had been hit. It was tender, but now she was flaming mad. She pushed the three men away from her and walked right up to Trillijandra, faking a punch to the gut, but actually slapping her straight across the face. Trillijandra had blocked low, so she wasn’t expecting the sharp pain in her cheek. She recoiled for a moment, cracked her knuckles, and smiled. Trillijandra rushed at Rose, but Jack and Mickey grabbed Trijjilandra before she could try to get at Rose again. Rose was about to take advantage of this opportunity, but the Doctor stepped directly in front of her and softly said, “Rose, listen to me, this isn’t you. Stop this behavior, let’s be productive here. We need to get Peter, and we need to go home.”

Rose calmed down a bit, it helped that the Doctor had his hands on her shoulders. She hugged him and quickly kissed him on the cheek before pulling away and sighing, saying, “You’re right, I’m sorry. I need to be a mother right now, not whatever I just was. I’m okay now. Really.” The Doctor nodded and smiled at her, letting go of her shoulders, but putting an arm around her waist.

“Trillijandra, you’re outnumbered four to one. Why don’t you just give us Peter, and we’ll leave you alone.” The Doctor tried to talk some sense into Trillijandra, but she wasn’t having it.

“Ha! You think I’ll back down now? Not a chance! I won’t rest until each of you is dead and gone, so that I can achieve my father’s dream and rule all of the cosmos!”

She turned, seemingly to walk away, but she drew a dagger and tossed it lightly between her hands, looking around to see who she was going to lunge at first.

“Where were you hiding that?!” Jack was staring at her in bewilderment. She looked at him and jumped, landing right on top of him, sinking the dagger deep into his chest. Jack gasped and looked down to see just the handle protruding from his chest, not a bit of blade showing. Blood was beginning to heavily spill from the wound. Trillijandra, sitting on Jack’s hips like he was sitting on her earlier, said, “Look at us. The roles are reversed, Jack. So, tell me. What does it feel like to be on the bottom?” She pulled the dagger from his chest, and blood was gushing from the hole that she had just created.

“Well, sweetheart, it’s a little different from the top,” he smiled. “But I still like it.”

Trillijandra’s brow furrowed at Jack’s ease of communication at a time like this. She knew that he was speaking some of his last words, so his light manner and sweet smile threw her off a bit. She asked, “You know I’m going to kill you, right?”

“Yeah,” Jack sighed, “it’ll be fun for both of us.” Trillijandra’s confused looked inspired Jack to finish off his life with, “Don’t worry, darling. We’ll meet again soon.” He closed his eyes and exhaled for the last time, a light smile still on his face.

Peter saw all of this and was unaware of Jack’s inability to die. He got up and tried to run to Jack, but he was still not quite back to normal. He ended up clumsily stumbling over to Trillijandra and Jack. He slammed Trillijandra with his elbow and she fell off of Jack, holding a hand up to the side of her head where Peter had rammed her. The blood was still flowing from Jack’s chest as Peter put his hands over the wound and yelled, “Mom! Dad! Mickey! Do something, he’s dying!”

The other three adults had already exchanged a look, aware of the fact that Trillijandra and Peter both didn’t know that Jack wasn’t really dead. At least, that he wouldn’t stay dead. The Doctor broke away from the group and went over to Peter, who was bawling and trying to restart Jack’s heart, pushing on the wound and hoping that he’d still have enough blood to make it until they could take better care of him.

Peter felt an arm over his shoulder. The Doctor softly said, “Peter. You have to let him go. Everything will be okay, I promise. We just have to get you away from here and out of harm’s way, then we can come back to help Jack.”

Peter shoved his dad’s arm off of him and screamed, “Look! He’s dead. We can’t help him anyway. He died trying to save me, to save everyone from her,” he shot a look at Trillijandra, “and we just stood back and let him die. He’s a hero, Dad. A fallen hero. I can’t leave him. I won’t leave him.”

The Doctor knew that he couldn’t change Peter’s mind, so he nodded and stood up, leaving Peter to be with Jack. Mickey and Rose both leaned in towards the Doctor when he rejoined them, questioning his judgment to let Peter believe that Jack was really gone forever.

“If we tell him, Trillijandra will notice Peter’s change of mood, or even worse, hear that he’s not really dead. We have to let her believe that she’s gaining the upper hand. Peter will be fine in the end, all of us will go back to that same café for tea later. Let’s just concentrate on getting Trillijandra to surrender for the time being.”

Mickey and Rose nodded, but they both hated to see Peter so out of sorts over Jack’s death.

Before the Doctor turned to reassess the situation, Peter screamed and attacked Trillijandra. Relentlessly hitting her in the face, the head, the shoulders, and the neck area, he bludgeoned her until she fell limp beneath him and groaned in pain. All of the others had rushed over to him, trying to pull him off of Trillijandra. She was bleeding in a few places, but she wasn’t in any sort of critical condition. She barely opened her eyes and looked straight at Peter, just glaring at him for a moment before softly whistling. A single, high-pitched note pierced the air, and a loud barking noise was heard from Fritz.

He lunged at Peter, grabbing him by the shoulder with his teeth and carrying him away, taking him to a favorable place for Fritz to tear him to shreds. Peter screamed and tried to resist, but Fritz had grown to be two or three times Peter’s size, so fighting was no use.

Trillijandra smiled and quietly laughed, even in her sorry state of affairs. Rose punched her once more and feverishly yelled, “What did you do?”

Trillijandra smiled and responded, “In your absence, I trained the thing you call “Fritz” to kill any attacker of mine when I whistle. It was a security matter, because I had a feeling you might come after me. Now he’s off taking care the boy, and he’ll be back in a moment to kill the rest of you.”

Just for good measure, Rose hit Trillijandra once last time before turning to the Doctor to ask what to do. However, she hadn’t noticed that while she was drilling Trillijandra, the Doctor and Mickey ran over to Peter to try to save him.

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