Forget Me Not

When the TARDIS takes the Doctor (that'd be the tenth, ladies and gents) and Rose to an obscure little cottage in the middle of nowhere, they are faced with a dangerous alien, as the Doctor always is, and the underlying relationship that all of us Whovians know exist between the Doctor and Rose comes into the light. It's the story that Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat would never give their fans the satisfaction of seeing- but that's what I'm here for. Allons-y!


10. Above Ground

The Doctor was frantic. As soon as Rose and that alien-thing had vanished, he used his sonic screwdriver to get any possible information from the area that they just disappeared from. 

"Oh, no." The Doctor brought the screwdriver closer to make sure he was reading it correctly.

"This is one of those times when I really hate being right," he muttered, lowering the screwdriver and staring at the empty space that a helpless Rose had occupied just seconds before. He turned and went back up the stairs of the cottage, towards Room 4 and the TARDIS.

Just before entering Room 4, he turned and looked at Room 5. He had an idea, and it was a desperate one. He dashed into the TARDIS and ran from room to room until he found his room of metal junk that he kept just in case he ever needed to make something strong, like a cage. He ran around collecting scraps of metal and brought them all back to the front of the room, where he quickly made a lop-sided, messy-looking cage. He grabbed a padlock off the ground nearby and hung it on the door of the cage, making sure that it'd fit and lock properly.

He threw the cage over his back and carried it out of the TARDIS and into Room 5. The creature, hit by the light in the hallway, shrieked and retreated to the far side of the room. The Doctor softly cooed, "Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you. I need to take you with me someplace so that I can save my, uhm, friend, I guess I could call her. She's a girl, but I'm not sure if she's my girlfriend. I mean, I want her to be, but I can't just- wait, what am I doing? You can't even understand me, and I'm not making any sense to myself either, so how about this?" He motioned to the cage and opened the door. Knowing that the creature wouldn't take kindly to being taken hostage, the Doctor went over to the table-bowl thing that he saw earlier and looked in it to see if there was anything he could use to get the creature to go peacefully into the cage. The bowl, he decided it was definitely a bowl, was filled with a white powdery substance mixed with a dark liquid, the same liquid that was dripping from the creature's mouth earlier that got sprayed on the Doctor and Rose when it screeched. The Doctor bent lower over the bowl and looked even closer, so close that he could smell the faint scent of maple syrup. He stuck his finger in the bowl and tasted a bit of it. It was definitely maple syrup, but there was something else, and it wasn't powdered sugar. The Doctor stood up straight and smacked his lips, trying to figure out what it was in the syrup.

"Ew, what is this...? Aha! It's a growth steroid!" He turned towards the creature, with more sympathy than fear. "You're just a baby, aren't you? You've been drugged to make you grow quicker, maybe even used as a weapon. Well, whatever it is, it's not for good intentions. Come here, I won't hurt you..." The Doctor extended his hand, which still smelled of syrup, and the creature slowly approached him. It sniffed his hand before rubbing up against it and trying to lick it, which the Doctor took as a sign of friendship. He poured the rest of the syrup in the bowl onto the cage, which the creature happily got inside of to lick the syrup off. The Doctor dragged the cage back to the TARDIS with the creature locked inside and began running around trying to figure out what to do next.

"Okay, I've got the creature. Just a baby, but what exactly is it? It seems to have been made in a lab, with the general body structure of a Krillitane, but it's larger and it's got thicker and longer wings. That, and it doesn't want to kill me. Also, is that...? Yep! It's got the mouth of a Krafayis! I haven't seen one of those in a looong time, they're so rare. But even then, its beak is longer and covered in skin. It's got to be made for the best attack from the sky because all of its attributes are characteristics of strong bird-like creatures. But if there's a sky warrior, what about the ground...?"

The Doctor fell against the controls of the TARDIS as he thought of what would happen to his child if he didn't save Rose and their baby. A weapon. Using a child as a weapon. He turned to the creature in the cage, still happily licking up the syrup that had dripped all over the floor of the TARDIS.

"Ohh, I'm gonna have a great time cleaning that up!" He looked himself over and saw that he, too, was covered in semi-dried maple syrup. He looked back at the creature in the cage, innocently staring at him, and said, "It's fine. Really. Let's get you out of that cage, you won't cause any harm."

During its time in the cage, the alien hybrid had grown to be a half of a meter taller. When it walked on all-fours, its back came up to the Doctor's waist. The steroid was working quickly and efficiently, which worried the Doctor about what it might do to him. The alien happily trotted out of the cage and all around the inside of the TARDIS, tracking syrup wherever it went.

The Doctor whistled, and the creature turned its head and came to him. "Ha, I didn't think that would work." He bent over so that he was at eye level with his alien pal. "We've got to give you a proper name, because I won't go traveling with a nameless companion."

The creature sat back on its haunches and looked expectantly at the Doctor. "Oh, don't give me that! C'mon, help me out here! I've never been the best with names." It made a noise that sounded something like a screech and a squeal, much more high-pitched and happy-sounding than the scream of terror it emitted earlier. "Ah. Okay. What about Fritz? You seem like a fritzy kind of guy." The alien's expression remained unchanged. "Fritz it is, then."

The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver again and looked at the readings it gave once more time. He looked at Fritz and said, "The trouble with saving them, Fritz, is that the time and place where they are is so bogged down with time travelers and changing events that the TARDIS couldn't handle it, so she wouldn't land. We'd either need to go into the past and wait a bit for them to arrive, or we'd have to get there on time but then travel a ways to get to where they will be. What do you think? Wait or walk?"

Fritz stood up and paced around, sniffing out the TARDIS like a dog. The Doctor shrugged and said, "Well, I personally would rather be there early and change my clothes to properly save them while looking as suave as ever, so 'wait' it is!"

He set the TARDIS in motion, and she took off while the Doctor went to the closet and put on a clean, non-syrup-covered suit. "Ahh. There. Now, let's see... There's not much waiting to be done at all! C'mon, Fritz! Let's go get a move on, maybe we'll even get there early!"

Fritz screeched and followed the Doctor, quickly learning his name and growing even taller. They exited the TARDIS and started walking down a dark, empty hallway that was about to be full of people. They were in an underground laboratory that researched all sorts of things not approved by the government of whatever planet they were on. It was clear that this lab had very little funding because everything was of very low quality. The lights were flickering, the hallways weren't clean, and the windows in the lab rooms were all fogged up and gross-looking. The Doctor heard a faint scream that he knew came from Rose, and he ran in the direction it seemed to come from. Fritz followed close on the Doctor's heels as they tore down the dark hallways. 

The noises were getting louder and louder, and with each step it pained the Doctor more to hear Rose scream in such terror and pain. As he looked quickly at a clock while he was running by, a bell rang and all of the doors of the labs burst open with dirty, grimy illegal scientists filing out of the labs and toward the direction the Doctor was coming from. It was apparently the end of the work day, as chatty scientists discussed growing diseases and enlarging growths on animals and other gross things that the Doctor didn't want to see or hear about. Fighting his way through a dense crowd, he turned down a hallway that was completely empty, with a single door on the left side. Through an air conditioning vent (that wasn't conditioning any air) he heard a soft, tired moan. Rose had yelled all she could, and she had tired herself out trying to call for help. 

"Doctor..." is what he could make out. She was repeating it over and over again. "Doctor... Doctor...Doctor..." Both of his hearts were breaking at the sound of her helplessness. He dashed towards the door, which was locked, but he took out his sonic screwdriver and unlocked it. He burst in to see Rose laying on a table, hugely pregnant, and a fanged "Miss Marie" hovering about her, examining and poking and prodding. He furiously yelled, "Hey! Step away from my girl."

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