my gentleman (cody simpson fan fiction)

16 year old Kourtney becomes friends with none other than Cody Simpson's sister, Alli Simpson! After finally being introduced, Cody and Kourtney hits it off well. Is this just a summer fling or something more?
*guise omg this story is based on a dream i had last night and it was so amzinggg! i hope you enjoy it (:*


2. chapter 2 (G'day australia)

I couldn't believe i was finally in the beautiful, Gold Coast Australia! I've only dreamed about visiting here millions of times before. My mom decided to buy a house over here since we were staying in Gold Coast for the whole summer, and when we decided to come back (which im sure we will) we'll have a home. One thing my mother and I had in common was we HATED hotels. They never felt completely clean to me.

After about an hour of un-packing and settling in, I decided to grab my purple Penny and hit the streets of Gold Coast. I wasn't quite sure where i was going but I had two months to figure my way around. Why not start now? This place was beautiful afterall. After cruising for a bit I found myself at a park. Across the way I could see a group of people that looked about my age. I looked closer and saw that they were skating too. I'm not really much of a shy girl so i walked over and introduced myself. "Hey I'm Kourtney" I said hesitantly. There was two girls with long blonde hair and two boys with shaggy blonde hair. Geez is everyone blonde around here? They all greeted me with a warm smile. "Hey im Alli" said one of the blonde girls. "You're not from here are you?" she asked. "No im from North Carolina in the US" i said "how'd you know? i asked. "The accent" she said giggling a bit as if it were the most obvious thing. "oh" i said "right." "I'm Sophie" said the other blonde girl. "And this is my boyfriend Jackson" she stated, pointing toward one of the shaggy haird guys. "And that thing over there is Jake" Alli said playfully. "Nice to meet you all" I said. "That's a sick Penny" said the boy called Jackson. "Thanks" i replied "It cruises real good" i stated. "Really?" he asked. "I was going to buy one. Do you mind if i test it out?" I shrugged my shoulders and handed him my board.  He took off on it and the rest of us started talking. "What are you doing tomorrow night?" ask the girl called Alli. "Nothing really. why?" I asked "All of us and a couple more friends are having a kick-back at the beach. Night surfing, Bonfires. It's going to be rad" said Jake. Wow i just got here and I'm already getting invited to "kick-backs" I could get used to Australia. "That sounds great." i said with a smile. "Awesome" Alli and Sophie said in unison. "Give us your number and we'll text you the deats." Alli said. I gave them both my number. "Wear something hot" Jake said with a wink. Sophie playfully smacked his chest and he began laughing. "You are such a dork" Alli said to him. Jackson finally got back with my board and we all began cruising around Gold Coast. It was getting late and the sun was beginning to set. I said goodbye to "my mates" as they would say and started home.

When I got in the house my mom was pacing the floor. When she heard me come in, she snapped her head in my direction, ran over, and embraced me. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" she hollered. "I was worried sick. "I was with my friends mom. chill" I said, laughing a bit. She had an expression of shock on her face. "Friends? we just got here today" she said with a giggle. "You were always quite the socialite" she said. "Well next time how about using one of these to let me know you're not dead" she said motioning to her phone. "Alright mom" I said. "Tomorrow night I'm going to a kick-back with my friends. Do you mind?" I asked my mom. she shook her head no. I gave her a big hug. "Thanks mom! I yelled running up the stairs. Amazing summer, here we come!

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