Love at first sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Nicole has always been beaten by her dad. When she decides to make a move and run away with no where to go she meets no one other than Justin Bieber. Will they fall in love? will one fall but not the other? read to find out!!(:


3. Tour?

I was woken by Justin violently shaking me. "Go awayyyyy" I moaned. I heard him laugh  before he jumped on me being careful not to hit my ankle. I ended up falling off the bed with him on top of me laughing. Our lips were inches apart, but soon I closed the gap. I felt sparks like never before.


* justins p.o.v.*

I Jumped on her and we fell off the bed and I landed on top of her. Our lips were inches apart and we were staring into each others eyes until she closed the gap. It was amazing. I definitely felt something there.


"are you ready!?" I called '"Yea!" she called back. I waited for her at the bottom of the steps. She almost fell so I picked her up bridal style and carried her to the car. "oh I should probably tell you something" I said nervously. She raised her eyebrow waiting for me to answer. " im THE Justin Bieber, and I go back on tour in a week." A tear started to roll down her face. I wiped it away with my thumb. "So, will you go with me? Please?" I smiled hopefully. " I would love to" She smiled.  A wave of happiness rushed over me. The girl of my dreams is going on tour with me. She giggled. " I knew I knew you from some where.. but will Scooter and the rest of your crew be ok with it?" She asked. "Already talked about that. Everything's set." I smiled The doctor came out and took her in for an x-ray. The x-ray came up that her ankles broken. She's getting a cast now.




Sorry its short:/ Ill try and give you an update tomorrow(: Like, Favorite, Comment<3



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