Love at first sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Nicole has always been beaten by her dad. When she decides to make a move and run away with no where to go she meets no one other than Justin Bieber. Will they fall in love? will one fall but not the other? read to find out!!(:


5. meet lexi..........................Bieber???

hey everyone i'm lexi, lexi bieber, Justin Bieber's sister my brother and friends describe me as fun, outgoing, protective when it comes to friends and family, wild, eats alot and laidback. i have blue eyes and rosewood violet i'm skinny and shortish my brother doesn't know this but i'm dating his best mate Chaz Somers we have been together since Jaybear [nickname i've called Justin for years] became famous. I miss him like hell but we be meeting his girlfriend tomorrow so i gotta go lates.


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