Love at first sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Nicole has always been beaten by her dad. When she decides to make a move and run away with no where to go she meets no one other than Justin Bieber. Will they fall in love? will one fall but not the other? read to find out!!(:


4. Girlfriend(:

*Nikkis p.o.v*

When The Justin Bieber asked me to go on tour with him I was so happy. When he's around every other worry goes away. My ankle is completely broken. I decided to get a purple cast because its Justin and I's favorite color. When I came back Justin took me to his house. He got a sharpie and signed my cast. He wrote


 Since your going on tour with me I was wondering if you'd be my girlfriend?

                                                                                             -Justin Bieber<3


i looked at him.


"of course I would"  I smiled at him.


A/N: sorry its short. im having trouble thinking of anything to write. So, if anyone would be willing to be a co-author and help me out comment please. it would mean a lot! i have softball so sometimes its hard to write..

like, favorite, comment.



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