Love at first sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Nicole has always been beaten by her dad. When she decides to make a move and run away with no where to go she meets no one other than Justin Bieber. Will they fall in love? will one fall but not the other? read to find out!!(:


2. Found.

*Justins p.o.v.*

"Justin get back here!" My mom yelled. I ignored her and stormed out of the house slamming the door shut behind me. My mom just told me that she was going to do abortion on me after I yelled at her. I cant believe this. I have no clue where im going, but ill find somewhere. Wait! My old hangout I used to go to with Ryan and Chaz! (my two best friends) I ran until I got there. I walked in and Whoa! There was a girl sleeping on the bench. Now I have to admit she was beautiful. She looked cold and very wet. I had to wake her up. I tapped her on the shoulder and her beautiful eyes fluttered open, but they looked full of fear. "Its ok I wont hurt you." I say trying to comfort her as I hold my hand out to help her up. She doesn't take it. "Whats your name?" "Nikki" "Nikki's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" I smile at her. "Thank you" she blushes. "So.. how about I take you to my house, and you can get comfy tell me why your here?" I ask hoping she'll say yes to my offer. "I guess so." she answered not sounding so sure. I reached my hand out to help her up, she took it but when she stood up she instantly fell back down with tears coming out of her eyes. "Whats wrong?!" I ask her very worried. "I hurt my ankle coming here.. ill  explain later. but I cant walk on it." she says. I smile and carry her bridal style back to my house.

*Nikkis p.o.v.*

Im woken up by a very cute stranger whose very nice. I have to say he looks very familiar. He offers to take me to his house. I had to the offer because I have no where else to go. He tries to help me up but a huge burst of pain shoots through my ankle. He picks me up bridal style and carries me to his house. I cant help but feel safe in his arms. It doesn't take long before I fall asleep in his warm grip. I wake up to me getting put down in a bed. I open my eyes to see his beautiful hazel eyes staring into mine. I cant help but feel a smile creep on my mouth. "Where am I?" I ask. "I brought you to my room so you can sleep." He says with a smile. " Where are you going to sleep?" I don't want to kick him out of his own bed. " On the couch." No I cant let him sleep on the couch. He goes to walk away but I grab his arm. "Please stay. Ill tell you what happened, but don't leave me. You make me feel safe." "Ok" he replies with a smile. He crawls in but stays on the edge. I roll close to him and put his arms around me. "so what happened?" he asks. I tell him the story and he insisted on taking me to the doctor in the morning. After telling him the story all the thoughts come back about my dad. I cant help but worry about what would happen if he found me.

*12:00 a.m.*

I wake up in a rush with tears rolling down my face. " Justin!?!" I wait for his answer. He shoots his body up fast. "Yea?!?" He replies sounding worried. "Please don't let him get me. Please." I say with more tears threatening to escape my eye but I force them back. He hugs me and pulls me close. "Never." he smiles at me. That's when I realized, I believe in love at first sight.



ill be adding Emily into the story soon:) should I keep writing? does anyone want to be in the story? if so give me a description of yourself and personality, and who you would want to date. I try to update but I have softball! I love you! Like, favorite and comment<3



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