hide me from highschool ~ A ONE DIRECTION FANFIC

betrayal, scandal , love , drama, divorce, pregnancy...... they say high school is the best time of our lives and we make so many lifelong unforgettable memories... but you never really think about it...what if you want to forget those memories? just forget everything? my name is Christy and this is my story...


2. ...

" Ok thank you goodbye." Mr. Morgan the principle said hanging up the phone. " Rebecca's parents are not pressing charges." he said. Your parents would be ashamed of you Christy acting like this." I quickly snapped back my parents are dead D E A D dead." he froze then apologized. since its the first day of school we don't really want to suspend you so your have 3 weeks after school detention. I really didn't care anymore so I replied "ok". he gestured me out. I was greeted in the hallway to whispering glares claps but I just ignored it. I turned the corner only to see one thing. Derek.

he was walking towards me with his arms out like he expected me to hug him. he was to feet away from me he said Babe- he was cut short BABE?! DONT YOU FUCKING BABE ME! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PAIN YOU PUT ME THROUGH? WERE DONE! he sent me a horrified glare and as I walked away he yelled " AT LEAST SHE KNOWS HOW TO TREAT A MAN .. VIRGIN!" I turned around with tears in my eyes and shot him an unforgivable look. " dude not cool." " ha-ha she's a virgin." so many responses. I started running now then I heard something that made me run even more " CHRISTY W-WAIT IM SORRY!"


I  sat on the bathroom floor for 2 hours crying. I finally felt the need to get up. I looked in the bathroom mirror makeup running down my face I was covered in blood I looked like I just crawled out of a ditch. I washed my face and looked for the lost and found so I could change into non blood stained clothes.  20 minutes after wandering around I finally found it . I pulled out a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a loose white shirt. I quickly changed and walked to lunch.


as soon as I opened the cafeteria doors everything went silent all eyes were on me. I ignored it and walked to the back table where I saw Alyssa signaling me to come over. she handed me my back pack I opened it and grabbed my beanie out of it since my hair was a mess. she then opened her mouth but hesitated "... you know that girl you beat up?.."  " yeah?" I said. " well she's the most popular girl in school head cheerleader..everyone bows down to her." " So I quickly said. " I really don't give a f-" I immediately stopped. Alyssa looked at me confused she then turned and saw Derek.

I got up quickly and began walking away only to be stopped by someone grabbing my hand. " Christy- DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME! I screamed. I tore my hand away from him and ran through the doors. I turned the corner to be struck by something hard. I blacked out. I woke up in the nurses office to see green emerald eyes staring at me. he looked so familiar.. where did I know him from? he broke the silence to say.. " hi im harry."



~authors note~


hey peoples!!!! this is my first fanfic I hope you like it!! please comment any suggestions!!don't worry all the boys will be in it soon!!  there are a lot more twists and turns coming up soon!! I will update everyday sometimes even twice! ~Julie




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