hide me from highschool ~ A ONE DIRECTION FANFIC

betrayal, scandal , love , drama, divorce, pregnancy...... they say high school is the best time of our lives and we make so many lifelong unforgettable memories... but you never really think about it...what if you want to forget those memories? just forget everything? my name is Christy and this is my story...


1. the first day


" Alright! shut up! I'm up I'm up!" "Christy! get your ass up its time for your first day of high school!"

as if the alarm wasn't bad enough.. IM UP ALREADY GOD! I screamed from my room. I've always hated school I wasn't the smartest I wasn't as enthusiastic as everyone and most of all I've never been a morning person. The only thing I liked about school is now I always get to see my boyfriend his name is Derek. We have been dating for2 years people always thought I was stupid for dating him just because he was a year older then me , but I always ignored them. I sat there in my bed thinking about him  his brown hair and sky blue eyes and perfect smile. I got up and actually started getting ready.


I went to the bathroom washed my face then took my long straight blonde hair out of my pony tail. The only time I actually styled my hair was when I curled it I never had to straighten my hair since it was always pin straight. I brushed my hair out and decided to let my side sweep bangs hang out I usually bobby  pined them back , but I actually liked the way they looked for once. then I had that heart breaking moment everyone feels.. getting out of there nice cozy pajamas into new clothes. I put on my new dress I got for m birthday the top of it was white with spaghetti straps and  the bottom was short and ruffled then I slipped on my black flats.  I again returned to my bathroom to put on my makeup. I put on pink blush and light pink eye shadow. I grabbed my bright pink backpack the one I got from Victoria secret. even though pink wasn't really my color but I loved it. I finally made my way down the stairs. I was greeted by my best friend/roommate Alyssa. most kids wake up to be greeted by parents in the morning.. not me. my parents divorced when I was really young.


I remember everything though the fighting the screaming stuff being broken.  on my eighth birthday I remember waking up to my moms room totally stripped down nothing was left I wandered around thinking it was a joke I remember walking around yelling " Mommy come out now I know your hiding!" I looked for an hour but she still never popped out like I was expecting her to. I decided to call her I remember hearing "this number has been disconnected goodbye."  I figured she lost her phone and cancelled it and she wasn't there because she went shopping. In reality I knew what really happened . I waited three days but she never came back. when I finally faced what really happened I just lost it. I started screaming breaking glass my hands were so cut up.. blood glass ripped pictures.  I remember sitting  on the floor with my bloody hands in my hair while I sat bobbing my body back and fourth on my knees. I remember my neighbor bursting through the door while I heard police sirens in the background. I never really talked to him since he was 2 years older then me but I remembered he had curly brown hair the only thing I forgot was his name. I then blacked out into his arms I remember waking up in the ICU with my hands and legs covered in bandages. sitting by my side was a police officer he started asking me so many questions , but the one question I was regretting came out " where is your mom?"


I screamed at the top of my lungs sobbing  "I DONT KNOW!" then I passed out. I finally woke up 3 days later to my grandma  next to me the one thing she said to me was "your not alone anymore." the next day she took me to her house she lived 5 hours away from my house. I was never the same after that incident years passed and just before my 14th birthday she passed away. once again I was all alone. a week or to after she passed away I knew I needed a job. since my older cousin Amanda was manager at a Hollister close to my house she gave me a job there. a month or to working there I met my best friend. she was a new girl I had to show around we were so much alike she was an orphan with foster parents she hated that were cruel to her. I was her shoulder to cry on. it broke my heart seeing her always crying so I told her she could come live  with me. I was pretty much set for my life  I got my grandmas house and she left me a lot of money that was to be used for school and house payments. The only reason I really needed to work was for food and clothes.

Christy? CHRISTY! my train of thought was broken by Alyssa being annoying like usual. Are you ready?! she said in a peppy sprit. I giggled and smiled and sat there confused on why she was always so happy. I never knew why she had a hard life to but she always found the bright side out of everything. Since we were freshman we couldn't drive yet so we walked to school it was only about five minutes away. while walking to school a group of seniors drove by they stopped and backed up so they were right across from us. we could tell they were jocks so we ignored them until one of them said to Alyssa " hey you with the brown hair! she turned in surprise she replied what? then he said want to blow my whistle baby?! then they all started laughing. Alyssa was always clever so she walked up to the car and grabbed the dude by the chin and said with a devilish smile " I would but there is nothing to blow." she then turned away and walked back to me and we started walking again hearing all the mocking responses from the other boys like " DAMNNNNN YOU JUST GOT PONED BY A GIRL!!!"  they drove past us then holding his head out the window the dude yelled " I LIKE THEM FIESTY!"  ILL BE BACK!" she laughed as we continued walking. We finally arrived at school to people crying hugging kissing but one thing caught my eye. My boyfriend MY BOYFRIEND MAKING out with some Damn skank! I pushed my backpack into Alyssa arms and darted for her before I knew it there was blood everywhere.

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