hide me from highschool ~ A ONE DIRECTION FANFIC

betrayal, scandal , love , drama, divorce, pregnancy...... they say high school is the best time of our lives and we make so many lifelong unforgettable memories... but you never really think about it...what if you want to forget those memories? just forget everything? my name is Christy and this is my story...


4. team zisty ( zayn+christy)

* akward silence*

I put my head down so I wasn't facing Zayn anymore. I didn't really want to talk to anyone. ".......... Sorry about your boyfriend?" Zayn said awkwardly. My head shot up I just couldn't hold it in anymore I burst out right there in front of someone I've only known for 2 minutes. I couldn't stop myself from crying. I hated crying most of my life has been spent crying I was tired of it. Zayn was basically cradling me now I pulled away I whipped the door open and sprinted down the hallway.    "Christy wait!"

Zayns POV

I didn't mean to upset her. Im so torn right now do i go after her? do I stay here? what do I do?


Christys POV

I didn't realize how fast I was going or where I was going.



I heard sirens screaming crying. I didn't realize what was going on. I couldn't move my body I felt like I was glued to the floor i managed to open my eye for one second to only see one thing a pool of blood.


"WERE LOSING HER MEDIC MEDIC GET THE FIBULATOR * CLEAR! 1,2,3 CLEAR!" " WE HAVE A PULSE!" I didn't really remember the ride there. when we got to the hospital I felt like a scene in a movie my eyes opened as I was being pushed through a long hallway I remember seeing doctors and nurses wheeling me down the hall. I could tell they were yelling but I couldn't hear them. I was pushed threw double doors and blacked out.



Alyssa's POV

I knew Christy wouldn't be home since she had detention. she has had such a horrible day. I  know ill make her brownies! brownies where her favorite. as I was mixing the bowl I heard a knock at the door. I opened it still stirring it was Derek. "What do you want?" I quickly snapped. "Please can I talk to her?" "She's not home." "Come on Alyssa please?" " look for yourself I quickly snapped. " Even if she was here she will never talk to you again so just leave her alone." He looked at me with tears in his eyes " I Know I humiliated her , embarrassed her, and took her for granted."  He was stopped by the TV.  " BREAKING NEWS! local high school girl was stuck by a car. we both looked at each other then jumped in front of the TV. THIS JUST IN  the body of the girl has been identified. Christy Friday was struck by the car at 5:45 she was taken to St. James hospital her condition is critical.  I started crying Derek did to " Get up we have to get to the hospital" he said flinging the door open. We rushed to the hospital.





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