hide me from highschool ~ A ONE DIRECTION FANFIC

betrayal, scandal , love , drama, divorce, pregnancy...... they say high school is the best time of our lives and we make so many lifelong unforgettable memories... but you never really think about it...what if you want to forget those memories? just forget everything? my name is Christy and this is my story...


3. team Charry (christy + harry)

Um Hi?" I hesitantly said to him. I began rubbing my head when suddenly I felt a large bump. " what happened?" I said harry replied " sorry about that love I didn't see you running and I opened my locker and.. well you kinda smashed into it." " Oh" I said. " So where is the nurse?" I said. He replied " She had do go get more gauze and bandages a lot of injures today huh? "Yah" I quickly said back. There was a bit of awkward silence until he finally opened his mouth he asked "why were you crying?" I sat there for a moment just thinking until I finally said " it was nothing." " come on love there is something wrong you can tell me." I thought to myself why does this stranger who I don't even know want to help me? I didn't need anyone's sympathy. I could understand him wanting to say sorry or making sure my head was ok..but why did he care about my feelings my life just why- my thought was interrupted by the nurse " Good your up" she check my temperature the basic stuff and finally said  " your free to go." Harry was still there he tried to help me up but I was fine. As we walked out I felt a little dizzy and collapsed luckily Harry caught me.


Our eyes met. He leaned in closer- RING RING the bell interrupted him. He laughed then helped me restore my balance. I thanked him but before I walked away he grabbed me and gave me a hug that I swear lasted 2 minutes. his arms around me I felt so safe, relived of all the drama. I never wanted him to let me go. I loved his scent. I loved being in his arms. I wanted to cry right there but I couldn't do it. I didn't want to burden him. I let one tear escape from my eye. He put his hand on my chin so I was now looking at him. He took his thumb and wiped the tear away. " your ok im here." " Hey you too! Get to class!!" we laughed me and harry went separate ways he watched me to make sure I got to my class.  I grabbed the door knob to my classroom but before I entered I shot harry a glance of my smile. I then walked in.

one by one I went to my classes only one thing. Only one person. As I was heading out the building since school was over I was greeted by Mr. Morgan. "Going somewhere Ms. Friday? Shit I forgot I had 3 weeks detention " No where" I said back to Mr. Morgan. I walked down the hallway to detention. " Great 2 hours all by myself." I was usually with Alyssa since I never really like being alone. I was surprised when I walked in there was on other person in detention. he was tall , dark hair. He was wearing a black shirt with a leather jacket and blue jeans. He looked like a perfect bad boy. " Ms. Friday please take your seat." I sat in the back corner. " No leaving , No talking , No phones , Nothing. My head shot up as I heard the door close. she was gone. I mumbled " She just leaves us here?" I wasn't expecting a response. " Yah the staff here are pretty stupid they just leave us alone the whole time." I looked over with surprise. " whets a doll like yourself doing in detention?" before I opened my mouth he said " No way your that girl that attacked Rebecca Koch!" I held my head down in shame he started clapping then he said " good that bitch had it coming." I let a smile escape my mouth. " so what's your name?" he said " Christy" I replied. " hey Christy im Zayn." he said

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