what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


17. why us

in the nurses office kyle has been given five icepacks, and a lot of pain relief medicine, and im given a icepack and sent off to class, the whole way I think of kyle, about half way I see mason sanding between me and my next class, he starts walking towards me, I turn to walk away, but he catches me and pins me against the wall again, this time much harder

"what do you want from me" I ask trying to get free from his grip, he looks into my eyes and my breath is taken away

"you really wanna know what I want" I see a tear falls down hic cheek, he comes closer so we are nearly touching

"yes I do" I say back, his expression softens

"you" he says quietly and kisses me, he wraps his arms around my waist and holds me there, his lips feel so good on mine, the pain in my side subsides

"why do you want me" I say as he pulls away, "there are many other girls better than me" he shakes his head

"no there aren't, you are one of a kind, I love you" he kisses me again, but I pull away

"im sorry, I like you too, but what about kyle, he would be heart broken" I pick up my crutches and walk towards class, I hear mason sit down and start to cry, I turn to look at him, his knees are next to his head, and a gun sits in his hand, he has it aimed at his head, I see his finger start to pull the trigger

"mason, stop" I yell and run over to him as fast as I can, I sit down next to him and grab the gun and shove it in my backpack, I wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his around my waist, he cries into my jacket for a couple minutes, when he stops crying I wipe away his mostly dried tears

"I want you so bad" he pulls me into a tight hug again

"im sorry but I cant be with you, can we just be friends" I ask and pull away from him, he nods and helps me to my feet

"oww, can you get my backpack" I lean against the wall gripping my side

"yeah" he grabs my bag and crutches

"thanks" I say taking the bottle of pills out of it and a water bottle, I take two pills and grab my crutches

"your welcome, and sorry about earlier, and now" he walks with me to class

"its ok, i've been bullied a lot, and that wasn't bad compared to what I have been through at my last school

"yikes" he says as we walk  into the classroom



hey guys, im so glad you like the book, check out my other books and favorite it and fan me, I could use a co author in my new book, amazing love, and you might be chosen to help, love ya all, bye



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