what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


6. what happened

i cant stop thinking about what happened to zayn, when Lou saw he rushed him to the hospital, and when Liam saw that, i wasn't moving he decided to stay with me, and im glad, i feel an arm wrap itself wrap around me, i look up to see Liam almost crying, and all the tears that I've been holding back unleash themselves, i hug Liam, with my face in his shirt i cry and not think about letting go, he hugs me back, he picks me up and carries me over to the couch, i cry until i run out of tears, he strokes my hair, it makes me feel a lot better

"are you ok?" he asks me, i can feel the vibration of his voice through his chest, "savannah?" i look up at him, his eyes are red from crying, "are you ok?" he asks again, i nod and look back down, he pulls me into a position where im sitting on his lap and his arms are around me, i feel safe, there is such a silence in the room that when his phone rings we jump, he picks it up, im guessing its one of the guys, when he hangs up he carries me out to the car

"where are we going?" i ask realizing that i sound so stupid

"were going to the hospital, Lou said zayn is in shock" he says pulling out of the driveway, it takes ten minutes to get to the hospital, but at the speed were going, about five, we race into the parking lot, he pulls me inside into the waiting room, i sit down in an empty chair away from the boys, they talk to Liam about what the doctor had told them about zayns condition, Lou comes over to me after a few minutes and sits down in the chair next to me, he puts his arm around me, he kisses me on the forehead and hugs me tightly

"do you know what happened to zayn?" he asks me, still in his arms i hug him tightly and shake my head and start crying again

i feel my phone buzz, i let go of Lou and pull out my phone, its Kyle

savannah: where are you, i came by your house and no body was there (Kyle)

Kyle: im at the hospital with my brother, his friend zayn went into shock earlier (me)

savannah: omg, when will u b back home (Kyle)

Kyle: idk (me)

"who's Kyle?" Lou asks me

"why were you reading my messages?" i snap back at him and walk out of the hospital

"savannah" i hear Lou call, i just keep walking, it takes about fifteen minutes to walk to Kyle's house, and about thirty to mine, so i start heading to his house

when i get to his house he answers the door and embraces me in  a hug, i hug him back

"i didn't know where else to go so i came here" i tell him as we let go of each other

"you mean you walked here from the hospital?!" he looks surprised and worried

"yeah, i got mad at Lou cause he was reading my messages so i walked out"

"do you know that that was probably the stupidest thing you could do" he said pulling me into the house, he sat me down onto the couch when his brother Tyler walks in

"who's this?" he asks in a sarcastic tone, Kyle is about to answer but i cut him off

"your worst nightmare if he don't leave me alone!!!" i almost scream, he starts walking over to us, Kyle blocks me

"whoa, just leave, she's had a bad day" Kyle says defending me, "she's my girlfriend, now leave the room please" Tyler walks out giving me an evil stare

"so can you tell me what happened, were you in the room with him"

"yes, i was sitting next to him, we were watching the movie MAMA, and when i looked at him his eyes were black, like completely black" i say looking him in the eyes

"but do you know how it happened?"

 i think about it for a minute "i don't have a clue"

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