what makes you beautiful

when savannah starts a new school everything goes the way she didn't want to, she gets bullied, physically and mentally, and her new step dad isn't any better, when she meets the love of her life she doesn't need any of that


8. the vision

when i went to bed last night i didn't even change my clothes, so i change and go downstairs and see zayn sitting on the couch, i run in front of him to make sure that he looks normal, i embrace him in a hug, he hugs me back

" i got so scared yesterday when i saw you're eyes, i didn't know what to think i thought you were dead and..." zayn covers my mouth and stops me from talking, i sit down on the couch next to him

"slow down gather your thoughts, now, when you saw me, what did you see and think?" he looks into my eyes, it doesn't feel like him though, i hesitate a little

"i saw..." i gather my thought of what i saw, "your face was almost white, and you had your eyes wide open, but they weren't brown, they were pitch black, like, all black, it looked like you were possessed, it was so scary, i didn't know what to do" i start crying and hug him tightly, he doesn't hug me like he did before, i don't feel safe like i usually do when i hug him, when i back away his eyes are the same pitch black as yesterday, i saw him holding something behind his back, i try to scream but nothing comes out, he pulls out a dagger from behind his back and stabs me in the stomach

 Lou walks through the front door after his walk, when he sees zayn and the knife in my stomach he call for the others upstairs, they come running down, Lou pulls zayn to the ground and pins him there

"what is wrong with you" he screams at him, his eyes turn back to their normal brown and he looks confused, i watch as i fall to the ground, i hit my head on the table and hit the ground hard, niall runs over to me, he lifts my head and holds me close to him, he pulls the dagger out of my stomach and carries me out to the car, harry follows with his car keys, then everything goes black

i wake up in a cage, then i see zayn, i try to touch him, but then see im like a hologram and i cant touch his shoulder, and he cant hear me see me, im watching whats happening to zayn, this actually happened, he sits chained against a wall, he looks sad and beat up, he looks a little younger

"well, my fourteen year old nephew, what a shame you wont take my place as an assassin, you are a good actor, and a good singer, you could kill thousands with your looks and voice" says a tall well built man

"i will not kill innocent people!" he yells back at him, his uncle replies "every time you find a girl you find special i will kill her" and with that zayn is released out of the cage, the man pulls out a gun aimed at zayn, i scream, the man turns, and so does zayn, when he sees the gun he runs as fast as he can, neither of them new it was me, but how did they hear me?



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